Cross Your Fingers and Hope They Miss

CN has finally figured out the key to this year's Iowa State basketball team. It's simple. Click here and find out how Iowa State wins games. Commentary you'll find here only at Cyclone Nation.

If Iowa State's opponent has a bad night of shooting, Iowa State will win. That's it. That's how Iowa State is winning games. I know, you're probably calling me an idiot right now but it's true.


Consider these stats:


  • When Iowa State beat UNI, the Panthers were 6-26 from three point range. Iowa State won.
  • Iona shot 49%. Iowa State lost.
  • Fresno State shot 52% from the field. Iowa State lost.
  • Iowa shot 34% from the field. They also went 2-15 from beyond the arch. Iowa State won.
  • Texas A&M shot 58% from the field. Iowa State lost.
  • Missouri shot 38% last night and Iowa State won.


If you think about all of these games, all of these teams got open looks behind the arch. I remember going crazy during the UNI game because nobody could get out on that corner early in the game to defend the three. It didn't matter because UNI wasn't making those shots. Fresno State did make those shots. Texas A&M did make those shots. UNI, Iowa and Missouri didn't and that's why Iowa State won.


Scoring isn't Iowa State's problem. It's obvious that the Cyclones can score, but they need help with the other team missing shots.


Let's hope KU is off on Saturday.


What a difference one game can make. On Monday, all of Hawkeye Nation and a good majority of Cyclone Nation were pulling the hair straight of their own heads. After one game by both teams, the fans all of the sudden are thinking about going dancing in March.


Call me a bad fan, call me a bad journalist, I don't care. I laughed historically watching Quinn Snyder go spastic last night when he got that first technical. Did anybody else see malicious love tap that he gave one of his players? I haven't seen that type of a shove since watching Elaine yell "Get out" and shoving Jerry on Seinfeld. That was unreal but it was great TV, especially for Cyclone fans.


Was anybody impressed by Will Blalock knocking down those half court shots? They were terrible shots but he was burying them like it was nothing.


Jessan Gray actually played and he played well. I wonder where that came from.


It was just a solid win all the way around. It was basically 40 minutes of flawless basketball. Now if the Clones can take care of business at home on Saturday.


Saturday is a huge game for one main reason in my head. It's Kansas yes, but does anybody really believe that KU is going to continue to struggle. I for one don't. By the end of the season I see Kansas being one of the top teams in the conference and I see them being a team that Iowa State is competing with for seeding purposes in the NCAA tournament.


Iowa State must win at home. The "Magic" has to come back on Saturday, because if it doesn't, this spanking the boys gave Mizzou all of the sudden doesn't mean so much.


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