CN Courtside: KU on Fire in Ames

Iowa State suffered yet another tough home loss on Saturday when Kansas came in and beat the Cyclones 95-85. Iowa State is now 3-4 in the Big 12 as they look forward to hosting Colorado next Sunday. Read notes taken courtside from today's game right here at Cyclone Nation where you'll find the most complete Iowa State basketball coverage.



  • 15:43 to go in the first half: KU 7 ISU 5
    • The first thing that I noticed in Kansas's first few possessions is something that kids learn at a very young age playing the game of basketball. Passing beats a zone and KU is doing a good job of that. They just aren't knocking down their shots right now.


  • 12:57 to go in the first half: KU 16 ISU 7
    • There was a lot of excitement in a three minute span of basketball. The crowd didn't have to work to get fired up after there was a questionable non-intentional foul call when "Throwdown," Rahshon Clark was grabbed on his way up for a dunk. Kansas is playing intense basketball right now and Iowa State needs to start making the most out of their possessions.


  • 11:04 to go in the first half: KU 18 ISU 12
    • Jessan Gray came off the bench to hit a big three midway through the first half. I've noticed by talking to kids on campus that he is quickly becoming one of the more popular players on the team. Fans want to see more of him and they will now that Ross Marsden is out with a broken hand. Today we'll see what Shawn Taggart and Gray are made of as both will be tested with extra playing time.


  • 6:52 to go in the first half: KU 27 ISU 17
    • Unfortunately, the life has been sucked out of this Hilton Coliseum crowd as Kansas has jumped out to a ten point lead with around seven minutes to go in the first half. Iowa State is getting absolutely dominated down low right now and the first thing the Cyclones need to do is take away the baseline. Curtis Stinson just picked up his second foul which could be critical as this game goes on.
      • "Throwdown" just got nasty again with a Tomahawk jam. I'm going to keep saying it people, he is the most exciting player in this history of this program.
      • Just so you know, "Throwdown" just did it again! This dude will win an NBA Slam Dunk Contest someday; I'm calling it right now.


  • 3:08 to go in the first half: KU 34 ISU 26
    • Rahshon Clark will be in ESPN's top 10 twice tonight and Hilton is alive again. The Cyclones have pulled within eight and they're playing the song that the football team runs out to over the PA, you know what I'm talking about, the one with that crazy siren. This place is hopping once again, we'll see how the players react.
      • With 2:13 to go in the half, the Clones are down four and I officially have goose bumps. I love this place.
      • Anthony Davis has now missed two easy lay-ups and committed one not so smart foul, but I strongly agree with Wayne Morgan keeping him in the game With Marsden out, he needs to get his confidence back and he can help this team out a lot when he's good.


  • 1:20 to go in the first half: KU 36 ISU 33
    • Everything is going Iowa State's way right now. Not only is Iowa State doing everything better, Kansas actually looks rattled.





Notable Halftime Stats:

  • Iowa State has 13 points off of turnovers compared to Kansas's four.
  • Curtis Stinson has nine points.
  • Rahshon Clark has nine points and leads the team with four rebounds.
  • ISU is shooting 34% from the field compared to KU's 50%.
  • Iowa State is being out rebounded 23-15.




  • 15:25 to go in the game: KU 47 ISU 45   
    • It's been a pretty uneventful second half so far. Kansas's Russell Robinson picked up his third foul early in second half and that could be huge down the stretch. The story of this game right now is the shooting percentages. Iowa State is shooting 13 percent worse than Kansas and is only down by two. If the shots start falling, Iowa State will win this game.


  • 13:01 to go in the game: KU 58 ISU 46
    • It's not looking good right now for Cyclone fans. Not only is Kansas shooting 56% from the field, Iowa State's shooting is getting worse as the game goes on. This crowd is dead and the team looks like it too. Iowa State needs a couple good possessions with easy shots and a couple of stops and the Cyclones will be right back in this game.


  • 10:10 to go in the game: KU 62 ISU 54
    • It's about time that John Neal gets the credit that he deserves. This team and crowd were absolutely dead when State got down 14 points midway through the half. John Neal buried two threes and all of the sudden Hilton is Hilton again. They Hawkeye Killer is back. Hopefully after this game, we'll be able to call him the "Hawk" killer in stead.


  • 7:55 to go in the game: KU 68 ISU 56
    • The way the Clones have played so far in the second half pretty much sums up their season so far. They look like a top 10 team at one moment and then look like a team at the bottom of the Big 12 the next.
      • KU's Darnell Jackson is absolutely killing Iowa State down low. He is so much thicker than anybody Iowa State can put on the floor and he's throwing his weight around.



  • 4:14 to go on the game: KU 76 ISU 62
    • It'll take a near miracle for the Clones to pull this one out.


  • 3:26 to go in the game: KU 76 ISU 65
    • The Clones are showing some life. Being the optimist I am, I think they still have a chance if some things go right. Rahshon Clark is keeping this team in the game. He has 17 points and has more energy than the other players combined.


  • 53.8 seconds to go in the game: KU 85 ISU 78
    • KU is shooting 58% from the field. ISU is 38%. Ballgame. Let's hope for some missed KU free throws.


  • 35 seconds to go in the game: KU 89 ISU 80
    • Nothing is worse than hearing the Rock Chalk Jayhawk in Hilton.




Notable Stats:

  • Kansas shot 58% on the game and 66.7% in the second half.
  • Iowa State shot 37.7% on the game.
  • Iowa State attempted 29 threes. Kansas only attempted 14.
  • Curtis Stinson had 24 points and seven rebounds.
  • Rahshon Clark had 20 points and six rebounds.
  • Will Blalock had 12 points and six assists.
  • Kansas had three players that scored 18 or more points. ( Chalmers 21, Rush, 20 and Robinson 18).
  • Iowa State was out rebounded 42-32.
  • Kansas was 30-38 from the free throw line.





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