ISU Women Lose to K-State: Notes and Quotes

The Iowa State women's basketball suffered a tough loss today at home to a tough Kansas State team by a score of 73-64. With the loss Iowa State's record drops to 12-6 and 2-4 in the Big 12. The Cyclones were once again led by star point guard Lyndsey Medders who dropped 30 points for the Cyclones and had eight assists as well. Brittany Wilkins added nineteen points for the Cyclones with ten rebounds. Besides those two, Nicky Wieben was the next highest scorer with six points.

The overwhelming keys to today's game were shooting and rebounding. Iowa State shot 28% from the field in the first half to get down early. Iowa State was out rebounded 37 to 29. Kansas State had ten offensive rebounds on they day that added extra points.


The following is a report from pressers held after the game with Wilkins, Medders, and Iowa State Head Coach Bill Fennelly.


Iowa State Head Coach Bill Fennelly


-          Fennelly said that his team just isn't very good right now and that he takes full responsibility for it. He said that they are struggling in a lot of different ways and not just one portion of the game is hurting.

-          Fennelly said that he's tried everything to get this team going. Fennelly said that he sometimes feels like the team shuts him out.

-          Fennelly said that his team can't win with two players scoring and with a lack of rebounding.

-          Fennelly said that his team got some decent looks but couldn't capitalize. He said that sometimes players need to create their own luck on the court.

-          Fennelly said that everyone has to take accountability for the loss.

-          Fennelly said that Iowa State has the best fans in the country and his players should want to play every game at home. He said that he wouldn't trade Iowa State's fans for anyone.



Brittany Wilkins


-          Wilkins said that they dug too big of a hole early.

-          She said that the team was struggling on D and they tried some new things today. She said that she felt like she let her team down on defense.

-          Wilkins said that Kansas State was coming out of nowhere on the offensive boards. "On the boards we got murdered," said Wilkins.

-          "We need to play with more emotion," said Wilkins.



Lyndsey Medders


-          Medders said that it will be tough to regroup after this loss.

-          Medders said that she feels like the team is playing better on the road and that it's not fair to the fans.

-          Medders said that her ankle (that she injured early in the first half) was swollen but she's alright.

-          Medders said that looking at the stat sheet was disheartening.

-          Medders said that she puts the blame on herself for not getting her teammates rolling on offense.

-          "At the end of the day it falls on me," said Medders.

-          Medders said that the defense has been struggling but there are no pointing fingers when playing a man-to-man.



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