CN Bill Fennelly Exclusive: Part 2

Cyclone Nation had the opportunity to sit down with women's basketball Head Coach Bill Fennelly to talk about what's going on with his team this season. In 2004-05, Fennelly's team posted the seventh 20-win season in Iowa State history and the sixth in the Fennelly era. In this portion of the Cyclone Nation interview, Fennelly talks about key aspects of this year's season. This is part 2 of a a multi-part story that CN will be running.

Williams: Do you ever think about what it would be like if you had Katie Robinette this year? Does that ever cross your mind?


Fennelly: Oh yeah, everyday. I try not to and it's not so much that Katie's a very good player, I just miss having her in practice everyday. She's a great person. She brings a great amount of energy and she's a fun player to coach. She was a lot of fun and she worked really hard at it so yeah if she's here, we're a lot better team. We're talking about a kid in my opinion that could be a pro. She could, without question be All-Big 12. It's unfortunate. I don't think its right what happened to her. I try not to dwell on it to much but I think for me the biggest thing is that I miss the kind of person she is. Then add the points and rebounds and that really makes her special.


Williams: Lyndsey Medders has kind of taken on the role of the charismatic leader of this team. She's obviously a fan favorite, talk a little bit about her.


Fennelly: Lyndsey is a very flamboyant kid. She's got the Southern California show time mentality. She plays at a high level and she plays with a lot of energy. She's had a great year. She plays a position that's the focal point of the team. When you're the point guard everybody notices you, good and bad. We've been blessed to have a steady line of really good point guards here. She's followed in those footsteps and she realizes that she's playing on a team with very little experience. Lyndsey's someone who's played at a tremendously high level. There aren't many point guards who have had the type of year, not only with her personal stats but in how they've impacted their team. Ultimately when you're a point guard, you're evaluated on how your team does. She's really allowed this team to have some level of success already.


Williams: Do you think she has much of a chance to move on and play after college?


Fennelly: She can play somewhere. I think from a WNBA standpoint it would have to be the right team. She could easily make a WNBA team if it's the right team that needs another guard, a scorer, or a passer. There's no question that she could go overseas and play. I think it's in the back of her mind. We don't talk about it a whole lot, we'll talk about it after the season. She wants to be a coach, so there are a lot of things on her plate. There's no question in my mind that if she wants to continue playing after Iowa State, she'll have that opportunity.


Williams: Right now you're on the bubble. Do you see any huge games on your schedule that could really catch the attention of the tournament committee?


Fennelly: When you play in a power conference like us, (Big 12 is ranked 2nd in the country) right away your RPI is very high. Then you have to avoid the bad losses to second division teams and especially at home. The thing that everyone always points to is can you get that special win? Can you beat a ranked team at home? Can you go on the road and beat some people? Historically when you play in a power conference you need to get to 500% or a little better. You don't really look at specific games impacting it, but you look at getting to nine wins. We've had a decent non-conference season so that's a tall order. Last year's team we looked at the big picture and we looked at 16 games. This team, we really try and segment the season. When you have an inexperienced team and you try and look too far in advance, the thing that's right in front of you gets over looked and we can't afford to do that. Everything that we focus on is getting better everyday. If it's as a student, a person or as a player, we have to get better everyday. That's boring, every coach says it. We're living it. Last year that wasn't the way we were but this year that is exactly how we are.




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