Whitver: Seneca a Super Bowl Superstar?

Seneca Wallace is about ready to represent IOwa State in the biggest event in the world. There's extra excitment for the backup quarterback after the big play he made in the NFC Championship game against Carolina. Now the question is how will the former Cyclone be used in the Super Bowl? Jack Whitver, former ISU team captain and former teammate of Seneca Wallace breaks down what he believes will happen on Super Sunday. Commentary like this can only be found here at Cyclone Nation.

As the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the Super Bowl, players from both teams are receiving the attention of media around the world. We have all heard the story of Jerome Bettis and his return to his hometown for his final game. We have also heard the story of Shaun Alexander and his record setting season. But on the Seahawks roster, one player is being overlooked, at least by the media and fans. However, I can guarantee one person not overlooking Seneca Wallace, and that is Bill Cowher.


Last Sunday, with the entire sports world watching, Seneca made the first meaningful play in his NFL career. For five minutes (that is how long they kept showing the replay), Seneca Wallace was a star again. His over the shoulder catch on a slant and go route jumpstarted the crowd and his teammates.


While his play might have caught the sports world's attention for only a couple of minutes, the Pittsburgh coaching staff has been thinking about that play for over a week.


See, Mike Holmgren didn't put in that play to gain 20 yards in the first quarter and forget about it. There are two reasons to put in your backup quarterback and throw him a pass. First, the Seahawks have a package of plays for Seneca at receiver. They could have a double pass, a reverse pass, and several other plays that compliment the play in the NFC Championship game. The might be waiting until the perfect time, i.e. the Super Bowl to pull out these plays.


Second, they want to mess with the Steelers coaches. Holmgren might have put the play in to make their Super Bowl opponent think about it for two weeks. As a former player and now an assistant football coach, I know that this often happens in football. With a big game next on the schedule, I know that some coaches will run formations that they will never run again just to make the other team prepare for it. If this is the case, Holmgren is hoping that the Steelers spend valuable practice time preparing for Seneca at receiver, knowing he will never run the play. In such a big game with so much on the line, neither team can afford wasted practice time.


Right now, Cyclone fans are wondering exactly what the Steelers coaches are wondering. Are they going to use Seneca more? Are they going to have him throw the ball? Will they put him under center?


While Cyclone fans do not know exactly if, and how they will see Seneca this Sunday, there is one thing that Cyclone fans do know. Seneca Wallace is a playmaker. While most of the country has seen the Texas Tech run and maybe a few of his other trademark college plays, most of the country is still uncertain what Seneca Wallace is capable of on the football field. This Sunday in Detroit, keep your eyes open, you just might see a new star.


Seneca Wallace is known for being a playmaker and for being a big-time player. The old football saying is a big-time player makes big-time plays in big-time games. Games don't come any bigger than the one this Sunday. Hopefully the world will get to realize what the Cyclone fans already know: Seneca Wallace is a big-time player.

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