Vander Sanden on the State of Hilton Magic

Are you one of those people that believe Hilton Magic is gone? Find out why former Cyclone Football player, Luke Vander Sanden thinks that it's still here. Commentary from former Cyclones that you can only find here at Cyclone Nation.

The Iowa State men's basketball team was trying to get back on track against Kansas last Saturday. Wayne Morgan and company aimed at gaining some "Hilton

Magic," instead the coliseum turned into "Hilton Tragic." The game sure was a fun to watch. There were the highs and lows, kind of the story of ISU's season so far.


The big game started off the way everyone likes to see it; back-and-fourth.

The stats don't lie. Kansas was a better shooting team on Saturday. Kansas shot 58% from the field for the game, while Iowa State shot a mere 38%. Not to mention, Kansas launched a raging 50% from beyond the arc, to Iowa State's 37%. This had to be a concern of Coach Morgan's going into the game. Kansas started three sophomores and two freshmen. It really was impressive to see how well these young men played round ball together. It looked like Kansas just had too many open shots, causing Iowa State to dig out of a hole. Ask any coach and they will tell you it is a difficult task to lose a game when your team is shooting almost 60% from the field. Iowa State just couldn't find their rhythm from the field.


So where has "Hilton Magic" gone? What happened to the once feared Hilton Coliseum? Talking to a lot of different people, Hilton just isn't the same as it used to be. Marcus Fizer and Tinsley parted their ways to the NBA; Tinsley is still making a career out of it. Sullivan started his own youth basketball league, which is gaining some major attention. Vroman and Homan have expended their days as college basketball players. Did "Hilton Magic" travel with them? Larry Eustachy was forced to terminate his contract. Did the magic go with him? All this remains to be known, but the good thing is that Iowa State can do something about it with their remaining home games. They can gain back some national attention as far as getting back respect. They can find "Hilton Magic" within their program and bring it back to national prominence. Many can agree that we are a couple big men away from being a premier program in the nation. Well, lets not wait; the season still continues. The magic can still be found. The season can still be electrifying. Cyclone fans can be confident that "Hilton Magic" will be back soon.


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