Coach Mac Signing Day Presser Notes

Dan McCarney officially welcomed 30 recruits to the Iowa State football program today and CN was there to cover it. Come check out notes taken from McCarney's press conference today as he talked about everything from Jason Scale's health to all of the new recruits.

  • Coach McCarney talked about and introduced Jeff Horton to the Iowa State coaching staff.
  • Coach Mac then named Chris Ash as Iowa State's new recruiting coordinator.
  • Spring practice will begin on March 22.
  • April 15 is the date of this year's Spring Game and on April 17 the home locker room will be renovated.
  • Mac talked about how excited and proud he is that the Cy-Hawk trophy is in Ames where it belongs.
  • Mac said that the 2006 schedule is a "schedule of opportunity," a phrase that he said numerous times during the presser.
    • Notably, of the 12 games on the schedule, nine teams were in bowl games, six teams won bowl games and Texas was the national champion.






  • Coach Mac talked about how he doesn't believe in stars and recruiting rankings. He talked about numerous former Iowa State players (Bret Meyer, Todd Blythe, Nick Leaders, Ellis Hobbs) that weren't ranked high but turned out great.
  • Mac said that he cares a lot more about how his coaches evaluate players than he cares about stars.
  • Mac said that this year's class has three main things. Speed, athleticism and numbers. (30 recruits)
  • Coach Mac talked about the athleticism of this year's class. He gave the example of Austin Alburtis playing quarterback in high school and he will play defensive line at Iowa State.
  • Mac said that Ben Lamaak is now up to 265 pounds.
  • Mac said that 26 of the 30 recruits had been on the ISU campus before the Houston Bowl.
  • Mac said that Austen Arnaud is a tremendous prospect.
    • "I would have gone anywhere in the country to recruit him," said Mac.
    • Mac said that Arnaud's 40 time has gone from a 5.0 to a 4.7 since camp.
    • Arnaud reminds Mac of Bret Meyer. Mac said that Arnaud has more leg strength.
    • Mac said that Arnaud has a chance to make the 2-deep as a freshman.


  • Mac talked about how impressed he was with the defensive linemen in this year's class and how fast all of them are.
    • "If you can't run, you can't play," said McCarney.


  • Mac said that Collins Eboh has grown up and matured a lot. Mac talked about how his athletes have to compete in the classroom as well as on the field. Mac said that Eboh promised to work like crazy.
    • Eboh is now up to 250 pounds.


  • Coach Mac talked about the long snapper in this year's class, Matt Purvis out of Scottsdale Community College. Mac said that he was the best long snapper at a camp in Vegas and he is excited about this recruit.
  • Mac said that they didn't offer a kicker a scholarship. He trusts Bret Culbertson.
  • Mad said that if Collins Eboh doesn't play next fall that ISU made a huge mistake.
  • Mac bragged on how watching Rashawn Parker is like watching an every play highlight reel.

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