CN Exclusive With Don Knock

Cyclone Nation had the opprotunity to sit down with the Director of Football Operations, Don Knock and talk about this years recruiting class. Find out who Knock thinks came in under the radar and get Knock's opinion on bringing in a long snapper right here only at Cyclone Nation.

Williams: Talk a little bit about guys in this class that you're excited about seeing and maybe some guys who are a little bit under the radar.


Knock: I think some of the early guys that we took are under the radar because they didn't go through the recruiting process with some of the other programs in the country. Like Austen Arnaud, Austin Alburtis, and John Richardson. This class was really done before Christmas. We had some kids come in during the Colorado game. December was such a busy month because we were bowl practicing and we had our banquet. We had official visits coming in. There was somewhere in the neighborhood of about 30 official visits in the month of December. We had about 54 total visits and most of them came in before Christmas. They had already sealed the deal that they were coming here so there are a number of those kids that really came in under the radar screen in terms of national recruiting where if we would have let them go there would have been a lot of big schools in the hunt. They just liked us so they committed early. The Ponca City kids are both incredible athletes. Josh Johnson and Rashawn Parker. The defensive linemen I think are underrated. I think Bailey Johnson is going to be a great player.


Williams: Does it make your job much easier when these kids commit early like this?


Knock: Well you know it does. Anytime you have early commitments it decreases your pool of guys that you want to bring in on later visits. It decreases the amount of time spent on campus recruiting and worrying about recruiting weekends. Then your work becomes holding onto them. You've still got to go see them every week regardless if they're committed or not committed so it somewhat does.


Williams: When it comes to addressing needs do you guys feel like you did that with this year's class?


Knock: I think we did for the most part. I would say without letting anything out that we could have maybe gotten another JUCO player on the defensive side of the ball. We were really looking for a mid-year guy if we were going to do that and if we couldn't get a mid-year guy we were going to take a high school guy. I think the guys that we did get from JUCO are going to be really good football players for us. I feel better about these guys than I have any JUCO guys in the past.


Williams: Are you talking about the offensive linemen?


Knock: Yeah the offensive linemen, Collins Eboh coming back and the long snapper. That was a thing that I pushed hard for because if you don't have a good long snapper, it can ruin your season really quick. I think this kid (Matt Purvis) can come in and take care of business.

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