CN Interview with Jeff Horton

Jeff Horton has recently been hired as Iowa State's new tight ends coach and special teams coordinator. Horton has been the quarterback coach at Wisconsin for the past seven years and has gone to six bowl games with the Badgers. He was also the head coach of the 1994 UNLV team that won the Big West Conference Championship. Cyclone Nation caught up with the newest Cyclone coach on Signing Day. Check out this exclusive interview only at Cyclone Nation.

Williams: How have your first few weeks in Ames been for you?


Horton: It's been really great. Everybody here has been extremely friendly towards me and very helpful. It's kind of different recruiting wise getting into the back end of it when everything is done but I'm really looking forward to getting to know the guys better and starting our off-season program.


Williams: With all of these Wisconsin guys hanging around here, does it kind of make it feel like home for you?


Horton: Yeah somebody said that its warmer the farther south you go so I'm kind of taking it one state at a time. We might make it warm here in another ten years but it's great knowing Jamie Polard and Steve Malchouse. It's nice knowing a couple people when you go to a new place. That's probably been the biggest adjustment. When you've been somewhere for so long like I was a Wisconsin, and now you're kind of a fish out of water trying to figure things out but everybody has been really helpful.


Williams: What was your first impression of this program coming into this gig?


Horton: The one thing that I notice is that the kids really work hard. They are very respectful. The coaching staff does a great job and they're led by Coach McCarney. I heard that he had a lot of energy but he's a go go go guy. He's been a lot of fun to be with. The job that they've done is really respected around the country. People know about Iowa State. Iowa State's always right there at the end of the year playing for a championship or playing for a chance to win a championship. I look forward to being a part of that.


Williams: What are your personal goals for the next few years at Iowa State?


Horton: I just want to be the best position coach that I can be and help this program take the next step. They aren't far away from playing in the Big 12 Championship and playing in a BCS game. I know with the attitude that's here and the attitude of Coach McCarney that the opportunity will present itself and I want to be a part of it.


Williams: I realize that you came into this thing late but by looking at tapes what's your impression of this year's recruiting class?


Horton: I think that it's a very athletic class. You have a lot of guys that can play some different positions once they're here. We'll be able to move some people around and that's a great thing when you can sign a guy that can play two or three positions that's a lot better than locking them down in one place and if they don't pan out at that position then you're stuck with it. This is a situation where a lot of guys will move around and be able to help us in a lot of different ways.



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