Recruiting Notes - Post Signing Day

Signing Day is over but that doesn't mean the buzz is. Come check out some interesting facts about certain commits from this year's class.

Ben Lamaak


Some of the best news that I heard coming out of signing day was that Ben Lamaak's weight is now up to 285. I was a little skeptical at first with Lamaak but the fact that he's already up to 285 and that he was playing high school quarterback at that weight is great news. He's athletic and getting bigger. This could be one of Mac's projects that turns out to be a gold mine by the end of his career.


Austen Arnaud


All of the sudden everybody is talking about Austen Arnaud being second string next year. I for one don't want this to happen. I want Arnaud to get the extra year, like Bret Meyer did, to mature and really fill out as a quarterback. If anything, Iowa State should pull a Harrison Beck. Keep his red-shirt until it absolutely has to be pulled. I would hate to see Iowa State do it like Nebraska, but I as a fan want to see him on the scout team this fall.


Bailey Johnson


I'm hearing from a lot of different people that Bailey Johnson is one of the most underrated players on Iowa State's commit list. He's another one of those guys that committed to Iowa State and then we saw his rating drop. Johnson is now at 6'2, 245 and with Berryman's departure, he's another guy that will get a shot when he arrives.


Devin McDowell


Devin McDowell has been one of my favorite commits ever since I've saw tape on him. He's got all of the ingredients to be a stand out player later in his career. He's got speed, agility and he's a very physical player, according to what Chris Ash told me on signing day. I've stated numerous times that I think he'll have a shot to play right away, which I still do, but the more I think about it the more I think he'll red-shirt. From everything I've heard he's in great shape, the best of his life for that matter but his weight is still at 160. That's pretty small. If he red-shirts a year and gets up to 175, then he'll really be ready for Big 12 ball. McDowell is faster than his brother, DeAndre Jackson, but you have to remember that Dre is 6'0, 190. That's a little extra weight Dre is carrying around. The biggest thing that surprised me when talking to coaches about McDowell is the fact that Tony Alford said that Devin is more physical than DeAndre. If that's the case and he's running a 4.3 40, I'm excited about McDowell. I just want him to put on 15 pounds.


The Running Backs


It's been discussed on this site a lot that not all of the four running back recruits would actually stay there. That's still probably the case but as Tony Alford said at the CN Recruiting Party, they will all get a chance. Look for one of these guys to stand out and get some playing time next year, I just have a hunch.




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