Recap of Stephenson Chat

On Thursday night, CN gave it's subscribers something that you can't find anywhere else. CN brought in All-Big 12 center, Scott Stephenson and subscribers went crazy asking Stephenson everything that they wanted to know from a players perspective about ISU football. It was a great time and if you missed it, we're one step ahead of you. Come on in and read what the big guy had to say right here only at Cyclone Nation.

Before everyone reads this and gets confused, what Scott said is under the name ChrisMWilliams. What I said is under ChatGuest. We had some issues before hand but got it worked out and had a great time. Enjoy!





Rastus:: That leaves who at RG?

Clizone:: what about RG?

clonecougar:: How was Reggie Stephens doing thru the year?

ChrisMWilliams:: The coaches are talking about putting Paul Fisher at RG to see what he can do... Reggie Stephens will be backing up both LG and RG for spring game

Gooseman:: Scott, thanks for taking the time to chat, how intense is Cotton as a Coach?

ChrisMWilliams:: Coach Cotton is very, very emotional.

ChrisMWilliams:: I mean if you mess up, hes right there to bite your head off.

Rastus:: Which of the younger OLs are going to contribute next fall?

ChrisMWilliams:: But, we all know hes trying to make us a better team.  I have a great deal of respect for Coach Cotton.

batch40ozsipper:: My guess is that the #1 bulletin board material for the ISU O-Line and Brett Meyer is not to be dead last in the Big XII in Sacks given up right?

ChrisMWilliams:: I think Stephens and Knapp have an opportunity to contribute

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Clizone:: What other colleges did you consider when you transferred from Minnesota and what tipped the scales for Iowa State?

ChrisMWilliams:: Ya, we let up far too many sacks this year.  The number I believe was 39, dead last in the B12.  The next one closest was TT at 32, but they throew the ball twice as much as we did... We have ALOT of problems we need to fix

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ChrisMWilliams:: Basically Coach Cotton wanted me to play Oline.  I didn't want to play Defense anymore, and I figured that I might be a little better on the offensive side of the ball

ChrisMWilliams:: Every other school wanted me to play defense

Rastus:: Do you think Johnson will be moved back to the OL?

ChrisMWilliams:: At the moment I don't think so.

Clizone:: Who is the strongest player on the team?  Who is the fastest?  How often do they test this stuff?

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ChrisMWilliams:: Basically they test at the end of spring, right before Spring football begins.  In my Opinion, I think Curvey is the strongest, and Deandre Jackson might be the fastest

Rastus:: Since you block them in practice, which of the DLs will contribute a lot next fall?

batch40ozsipper:: Scott, thanks for answering my question, I have to run, but kick some ass in 2006 the O-Line is the #1 Key to ISU becoming an Offensive Juggernaut.  Less sacks and more open holes for the RB's and there will be a ton of things you can accomplish in 2006.  I will be tailgating and in my seats everygame ready to lose my voice.  Cheers

ChrisMWilliams:: Curvey and Moorehead for sure will start.  McGinty will most likely play and I'm not quite sure who is going to play the other end.  But from what I understand, there is an awesome freshman that is coming in who has a great chance to play.

matmann22:: Does the coaching staff track pancake blocks ? If they do, who has the most ?

ChrisMWilliams:: thank you brother, so long.

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ChrisMWilliams:: Well they don't track how many pancake blocks we have had, but If I had to say so, I would say that I had the most    =)

Rastus:: So you would rate McGinty ahead of Dale and Bracksma, right?

ChrisMWilliams:: Yes, that is correct.

Cycloneparents:: Do you think if we can get a better running game, the team will put up some big numbers!

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ChrisMWilliams:: For sure.  If you hadn't noticed, our last 3 games were almost 1 sided. 

Clizone:: Other than Fiacco has there been any other players leave the program since the bowl game?

ChrisMWilliams:: Obviously Berryman but we won't get into that.  But nothing else to my knowledge.

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Clizone:: Who is tougher to block Leaders or Curvey?

ChrisMWilliams:: Leaders for sure. 

Gooseman:: do blocking schemes change week to week based on the opponent and what they do defensively

jkolln:: Besides the returning starters on the offensive line who elso do you think will contribute in 2006?

ChrisMWilliams:: We made minor changes to our blocking schemes based upon what we were planning to see against the other teams.   

Rastus:: Why was KU so difficult to run against, in your opinion?  I assume it was great LBs.  Scheme?

ChrisMWilliams:: I think that RJ Summral will contribute more this next year than he did last season.  I also think that if Stephens continues to imrpove we will see him play. 

Clizone:: Who do you think will emerge as the leaders of this team in 2006?

jkolln:: Sorry I guess I meant who else specifically amongst the offensive lineman?

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ChrisMWilliams:: KU had the best defense in the B12 as regarded by many.  From watching film though, there were alot of plays where almost everyone executed their blocks but there will be that 1 person who didn't.  We needed to be more consistent in my opinion.

ChatGuest:: hey guys slow down for a sec and let scott catch up

ChatGuest:: we're both in the same room typing away

ChatGuest:: fyi i have some junior day info coming up for you guys

ChatGuest:: i'm getting it all together now

Clizone:: i was going to ask you about that

ChatGuest:: look for a story either tonight or in the morning

ChatGuest:: probalb the morning

Clizone:: sweeeet!!

ChatGuest:: and i'm interviewing mac in the mnorning so if u want anything asked post it now

ChrisMWilliams:: Obviously we have alot of leaders on our team.  Brett Meyer, Austin Flynn, Tod Blythe, Curvey, Robertson, etc..  Leadershipo should not be a problem next year... As for  the offensive Line I would say that Paul Fisher, Stephens, and Knapp will contribute.

Cycloneparents:: What are your thoughts about next years team, and how ISU will fair in the BIG 12?

jkolln:: Got to go.  Thanks for answering my quesitons!  Good luck this next season

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Gooseman:: in your opinion, what does the Oline need to work on the most to improve? quickness, strength, continuity

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Gooseman:: something else?

PlayerMomOL:: How's the shoulder doing?

ChrisMWilliams:: Next year will certainly be a test  for the cyclones.  We will have one of the hardest schedules in college football.  We have all starters returning on offense except for Pence, and We have alot of people who can fill the shoes of those who left.  The main area of focus next year will be to play smart.  Eliminate mistakes... If we can execute we will do well.

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ChrisMWilliams:: I think the OLine needs to work on their strength and aggressiveness.

Rastus:: Are there drills/exercises that quicken an OT's pass protection(feet, I guess)?  Can you describe them?

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ChrisMWilliams:: The shoulder is doing great.

brentblum:: who eats the most on the Oline?....I've got my money on Brant

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Cycloneparents:: Where was the toughest place to play in 2006?

ChrisMWilliams:: We do a drill called Pass set progression where the OT's work on footwork while going against another player with a bag.  Another good test for the OT's is the 1on1 portion of practice when they get to actually move in a live environment at full speed.

AZCyclone:: Of the Frosh and RS frosh, who do you think has the most potential?

ChatGuest:: ok guys let him catch up for a sec

Cycloneparents:: Who has the biggest EGO? Blume or Williams?

ChrisMWilliams:: I would say Fabian Dodd, but hes gone now.  Scott Fisher can really pack it in!  ...........  The toughest place to play last year was Nebraska.  I couldn't hear a thing!

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brentblum:: i can answer the ego ? it's clearly Williams

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ChrisMWilliams:: I would say Williams' dad has a bigger egho than both of them combined!

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ChrisMWilliams:: I think Chris Singleton  has the most potential of all of the Forsh

Clizone:: Mac often mentions that you have the ability to play at the next level - what have you heard from pro scouts?

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ChrisMWilliams:: I have heard talk from scouts about me, at this point it really doesnt matter.  I have 1 whole season to go through still.

Clizone:: good answer - Who is the hardest working player on the team?

ChrisMWilliams:: Thats tough to say.  If I had to choose, I would say Matt Robertson.

Rastus:: What made you believe that you should be playing OL rather than DL?

AZCyclone:: Let me refine that question, among the young OL's, who do you think has the greatest potential/ability?

ChrisMWilliams:: In Highschool, OL felt so much better to me, and I guess i never really forgot the feeling.

Cycloneparents:: What was your greatest moment of this year in football?

ChrisMWilliams:: Stephens and Knapp.  If Knapp can put on more weight in the next few years I guarantee you he will play on sundays if he chooses to do so.  ....  Greatest moment was beating Iowa 23-3.  Mr. Williams may not agree.

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brentblum:: What would be a better feeling....beating Minnesota in a bowl game or winning the Big XII North?

ChatGuest:: Mr. Williams is my dad (cycloneparents) by the way

Clizone:: Do you think Tyrone McKenzie will be a factor this year?  Who do you think will start at the linebacker positions?

ChrisMWilliams:: Can I say Winning the B12 North and then beating Minnesota in a BCS bowl.  A guy can dream can't he? =)

brentblum:: haha that will work

ChrisMWilliams:: Tyrone McKenzie will definitely be in the mix.  He is very talented.  I think Robertson, KcKanzie, and Bowen will start this year

AZCyclone:: Any guesses on the starting five on the OL?

Clizone:: If Jason Harris can hold on to the ball can he make a difference in this offense?

ChrisMWilliams:: For spring ball or for next season?

Clizone:: do next season

AZCyclone:: Next season.

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ChrisMWilliams:: Jason Harris is the fastest RB we have.  If he can hold onto the ball he will definitely make a difference.  Next season, (from LT - RT) Scott Fisher, Zear, myself, Paul Fisher, or one of the juco OL coming in, Brant

Clizone:: Who do you think will back up Meyer next year?  How has Haase looked at TE and Hamilton at WR?

AZCyclone:: Who do you think can provide solid depth behind the starting five OL?

Clizone:: he mentioned stephens and knapp earlier in the chat

ChrisMWilliams:: Hamilton has looked great in practice, there is no doubt that he can make a difference.  Haase has also imrpoved his level of play.  Van Winkle should back up Brett

Rastus:: Will Vanstom be a player someday or wave towels forever?

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ChrisMWilliams:: No comment, lol

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cyeagle:: Can you give me some background on Knapp.  Not sure who you are talking about.

Clizone:: Were you a player host for any of the recruits that came in this year?

Cycloneparents:: In some games this year it seemed as though after we got a lead, sometimes we would get a little gun shy. Was that sometimes hard to take as a player?

ChrisMWilliams:: Knapp, was a freshman last year who ended up redshirting.  He has a motor and will get after ya.  Hes a very physical player.  And no, I wasn't a player host last year.

Clizone:: Who is the funniest guy on the team? Are there any good nicknames for players that you are willing to share?

ChrisMWilliams:: Yes.  I got frustrated seeing our lead diminish in some of our games, and how we shot ourselves in the foot by not being able to convert on drives that meant winning or losing the game.

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Rastus:: Are you enjoying this?  Did you need Mac or Cotton's approval for this chat?

ChrisMWilliams:: Zehr is definitely the funniest.  He has always made me laugh.  We call Vanstrom Front Row Joe.

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ChrisMWilliams:: Ya, this is pretty entertaining.  I went and spoke to the Head of Media Operations and got his permission before chatting tonight.

Clizone:: Do you have any idea why they are moving Zehr to LG?

Clizone:: solidify both sides of the line?

cyeagle:: Will Brandon Johnson contribute and if so on which side of the ball?

ChrisMWilliams:: Well I don't think P. Fisher has ever played Left side, and I'm assuming that it would be most comfortable for Paul to be on the right than on the left.

ChrisMWilliams:: B Johnson should contribute next year.  If he has a great off season I don't see why he couldn't take some snaps at DT.

Clizone:: Were you around when Collins Eboh was here before?  If so how did he look?

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Cycloneparents:: Do you think Brent C. can come back with confidence and have a good year?

ChrisMWilliams:: He was ok.  I mean he was a freshman and it is hard to make the transition from highschool to college in one year.

Clizone:: do you think we are all crazy for following this stuff like we do?

ChrisMWilliams:: I'm assuming you meanm Brett Culbertson.    And I dont see why he wouldnt come back with confidence.  Hes the best kick3er we have and is kicking at about 90%

CycloneAl:: It's not craziness, it's passion!

Rastus:: Not sure if you can talk about the Fiacco fiasco.  Did his father transfer him?  Is that what he wanted?

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ChrisMWilliams:: I don't think you guys are crazy for following this stuff.  I am a fan too, and I do the same on other forums

Clizone:: do we have a kicker that can put the ball in the endzone on kickoffs?  how do the punters look?  or do you even get to see what those guys are doing

Cycloneparents:: What is the best thing about ISU FOOTBALL?

ChrisMWilliams:: I think his father had a large influence on him leaving.  Jason would have started this year. 

cyeagle:: Who do you see starting in the secondary?

ChatGuest:: ok guys those will be the last few questions...

ChrisMWilliams:: I'm not sure about the kicking situation.  I guess we'll both see during the spring game :-P

ChatGuest:: scott's gotta jet here in a min

PlayerMomOL:: Bye Scooty...don't forget to take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep,,,,lol, mom

ChrisMWilliams:: Best thing about ISU football is the atmosphere on gameday

Gooseman:: Thanks Scott!!

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clonecougar:: Appreciate the time!

Clizone:: Thank you very much Scott!  This was very informative.  Good luck this year!

Rastus:: Can you introduce Chris to some other players that might join our chat someday, please?

ChrisMWilliams:: haha sure.

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ChatGuest:: I have a few guys already lined up Rastus

brentblum:: Nice job Scott!

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Clizone:: thanks for arranging this chris

ChrisMWilliams:: thank you.    have a good night guys

Rastus:: Great chat, Scott!  Thanks for doing this.

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ChatGuest:: anytime Cliz hope you all enjoyed it

ChrisMWilliams:: ya my pleasure

ChatGuest:: i'll put everything here on the front page for you guys to go back through if you want

cyeagle:: Thanks

Cycloneparents:: Scott,Brent, Chris keep up the good wook ISU should be proud!

clonecougar:: Everyone have a good night, and look forward to hearing from you on Saturday.


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