Q & A With Rashawn Parker

With the departure of Jason Berryman, playing time is available at the position of defensive end. One prime candidate is the standout defensive end out of Ponca City, Oklahoma, Rashawn Parker. Come find out what Parker has to say about next season right here in a Q & A with one of Iowa State's top recruits.

Rashawn Parker


Williams: Everybody up here was impressed with your highlight video. Talk a little bit about how it feels now that Signing Day is over and you know that you're going to be a Cyclone.


Parker: I want to continue what I was doing in high school. I want to continue my quickness and my explosiveness off of the ball. I want to fit in with the Cyclone family and find out what it truly means to be a Cyclone.


Williams: There's obviously been some drama going on in Ames with the defensive end position. Does that make you a little extra motivated going into next year?


Parker: Absolutely. Without Berryman, it's going to open up a lot of doors for us young guys coming in. Now I have to work extra hard. I want to be on the playing field next year so definitely."


Williams: Is that your expectation? Do you expect to come right in and play?


Parker: Yeah, my goal is to come right in and play next year.


Williams: What are you doing physically right now to make sure that you'll be ready when you report to Iowa State?


Parker: I'm playing basketball right now. That's the bulk of my running workout. I'm lifting on the side and on the weekends. I'm trying to maintain my strength and then after basketball I'm really going to hit it hard with track season and the weights.


Williams: How is your basketball season going so far?


Parker: Right now we're 13-8 and we have conference playoffs in the next couple of weeks so it's almost over. I'm more into football. I'm basically just trying to stay in shape. I just want to have some fun with it.


Williams: Talk a little bit about your relationship with Josh Johnson.


Parker: He's my first cousin. We grew up together and we've been playing together since first grade. We do everything together. We talked about playing together when we were younger and we're really fortunate that we get a chance to do that. The future is bright for us so we've just got to take advantage of it.


Williams: Are you guys planning on living together?


Parker: We're probably going to room together, we've talked about it.


Williams: Do you know what you want to study when you get here?


Parker: I had thoughts of physical therapy but I think I'm going to come in undecided.

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