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With the Big 12 announcing its team of the decade, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at some of my favorite and least favorite players, coaches and moments from that time-span. Not even Tom Penders or J.R. Raymond is safe.

Least Favorite Coach


1. Norm Stewart- I think Norm was my first real enemy. It was either him or that kid in first grade that beat me in the Spelling Bee. Who knew "bubbles" was such a difficult word? Norm had that irritable face, complete with comb-over hair style. Even thinking about him now, makes me cringe. I saw Norm at the ISU-Mizzou game in Columbia this past fall. I am convinced he is the reason why the Cyclones lost. I have no doubt. 


2. Danny Nee- This dude really bothered me. I can't really put my finger on why. He's like Ryan Seacrest in that aspect. I have no real reason not to like him, but I flat-out don't care for the man. Perhaps it was his slicked-back, Italian mafia hair style. Nee is now the head coach at Duquesne. Good for him.


3. Tom Asbury- Tom, you thought you could avoid the wrath. Not so fast. He didn't do really anything at Kansas State and that frustrated me. He was just there. You really couldn't yell at him, but he definitely wasn't likable. He was just Tom. In fact, K-State should just forget his six years as coach. Absolutely nothing happened. Asbury is now an assistant coach at Alabama. Seems about right. 


4. Rick Barnes- I don't like his facial expressions. He always looks in pain. He has that look of my nephew when you take his toy away. Someone tell Rick, he is legally allowed to smile. Other than that, I don't mind him.


5. Dave Bliss- Ummmm……self-explanatory.


Favorite Opposing Player


  1. Hollis Price- This dude killed Iowa State. Destroyed them. But, I couldn't have

more respect for an athlete than I did for Hollis. He was all of about 170 pounds, but was fearless. I'm talking hunting with Dick Cheney and Bob Knight-like fearless. The kid turned himself into an All-American despite his smallish stature and led Oklahoma to their best times under Kelvin Sampson. He was the Ellis Hobbs of College Basketball and yes everything is now compared to Ellis Hobbs. 


2. Clarence Gilbert- As a rule, I can't admire anybody who played for Missouri. It's one of my many personal commandments. It ranks right up there with not listening to anybody who introduces statements with the word, "Basically." I can't stand that. But, Clarence is an exception to every rule ever made. He was the Manny Ramirez of the Big XII. Gilbert did what he wanted, when he wanted. When watching Clarence, it wasn't a question of if he would shoot, it was how long it would take until he does shoot. Jeff Boschee is a distant second in number of uncalled for launches per minute.


3. Brian Conklin- Remember this guy? He was a 7-footer from Nebraska who was allergic to the lane. Despite being huge, he opted to develop and hone his three point shooting skills. I never understood this guy, but he always was enjoyable to watch. He was a fantastic shooter and made his share of bombs, however he was a waste of seven feet. If I was seven feet, I wouldn't be writing this column, I would be out picking up ladies "Hey I'm seven feet… you know what that means." He's one of those guys that had a fitting last name. He acted like a Conklin. Kansas' T.J. Pugh also fit his moniker as well.


4. Andre Emmett/Ronald Ross- Cool dudes. They were the Maverick and Goose of Texas Tech basketball. I guess that would make Jarrious Jackson, Cougar.


5. T. J. Ford- Made Brian Boddicker look good. Not an easy task.


Least Favorite Players


1. Any of these Mizzou players: Brian Grawer, Travon Bryant, Keyon Dooling, Ricky Clemons. Ever since Anthony Peeler and Kevin Sutherland, the Tiger guards have really irritated me. It has to be their color scheme. I didn't mind Kareem Rush or Rickey Paulding, however. And I kind of feel bad for the current group down in Columbia. On second thought, no I really don't.


2. Tim Heskett- This was the three-point extraordinaire from Oklahoma. He didn't do anything else besides shoot from 25 feet and frustrate the heck out of opposing players and fans. He also had that cheesy goatee from the late ‘90s. I think everyone had a goatee in the late ‘90s, Janet Reno included.


3. I know these two aren't from the Big XII, but I'm making a temporary change in the rules. J.R Koch and Jacob Jaacks. Excuse me while I pump-fake before typing. These dudes couldn't and wouldn't shoot unless they had about 13 spasms disguised as pump fakes. Shoot the ball already. Screw it, these two Hawks deserve their own column some day. Jess Settles and Ryan Bowen, you aren't safe either.


4. Tryronn Lue- Tyronn, I still am not sure what you are. Where did the "e" go from the end of your first name?


5. Chris Mihm, Brian Boddicker, Jason Klotz- These three revolutionized the hair-gel movement in the Big XII. That must be a class down there at Texas, because Chirs Simms was also a member of this fraternity. But, Mihm looked so pretty getting dunked on by Fizer with that metrosexual look.   


There are several more categories to come in the coming days. Stay tuned and in the mean time, remember the greatness of Victor Avila and Renzi Stone.


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