Q&A With Bill Fennelly

CN talks to Bill Fennelly about the future of his women's basketball team.

Williams: You signed six girls in next year's class. Do you see any of them coming in and making an immediate impact?


Fennelly: I think the one's that most of the people will talk about are Allison Lacey (of Ballard High School) and Tocarra Ross (Kirkwood Junior College). Tocarra is more experienced; she'll come in as a junior. Allison is more developed and will probably be ready to play. I think that all six of them will have the opportunity because we're not really deep this year. We'll lose Brittney Wilkins who plays a lot of minutes. We're adding six new players to a team that isn't very deep so there's going to be opportunity. Obviously all six of them aren't going to play. All six of them won't have a major contribution so I think that the major challenge for all of them is which one is going to be ready to go. We went more guard heavy. Almost all of them will help us on the perimeter. We like kids that are versatile. Their skill sets are different. Some are better shooters and some are better ball handlers. All six of them really want to be here. We follow them closely, they email us and they come to our games all of the time. That's part of recruiting. You not only want to get good players, but you want to get players who really want to be here. They really want to be a part of what we are about. This is a small mid-western town that has great values and fan base that expects a certain thing. You better find people who understand that. That's the way we recruited. I love the kids we have.


Williams: Can you talk a little bit about the Mosman girl. She committed in eighth grade, is that correct?


Fennelly: We offered her a scholarship, but she officially committed when she was a sophomore in high school. Everybody knew she was coming here. She was an Iowa State fan. She's the kind of person that our fans will fall in love with. She's a great kid. She's very personable. She's a straight A student. She's from the Carroll area so she has very local ties. She's the kind of kid that is why you go into coaching. You want to see people like that on a daily basis. She loves Iowa State. She comes to games all of the time, including football and men's basketball. She's a true Cyclone.


Williams: What did you see in her in eighth grade that made you offer her a scholarship when she was that young?


Fennelly: Her demeanor and maturity at that age. She had a tremendous work ethic. She's extremely skilled. All of that was secondary to the fact that when you talked to her, you felt good. I just felt like she was a young person that had a great future and we needed her here. I don't know what kind of career she will have, but she will impact our program on and off the court dramatically. I think a lot of it is the type of commitment she has and her love for Iowa State. Those kinds of people don't come around very often. We're lucky to get her and it will be odd to finally have her on our team. We've been talking about it for six years. She's excited to come and hopefully she'll have the kind of career that I think she'll have. 


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