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"Here we go again on my own. Traveling down this road I've never known." Yeah, I grew up listening to Whitesnake, oh Chris, it's a hair band from the 80's in case you didn't know, and right now I feel like "Crying in the Rain."

"Here we go again on my own. Traveling down this road I've never known."

Yeah, I grew up listening to Whitesnake, oh Chris, it's a hair band from the 80's in case you didn't know, and right now I feel like "Crying in the Rain."


Fellow Cyclone fans, you too may feel that this one man show and sometimes two man game is costing us big time. Partly, you're right! But without Curtis & Will we wouldn't have had an NCAA berth last year. There still is hope, much like the miracle in Chicago for the Hawks, Cyclone fans may get revenge on this disappointing ending to the regular season when every team has a better than normal chance in winning the Big 12 tournament. I don't want to count out Baylor yet as ISU goes there this weekend, but besides them, every team has won a big game this year, even ISU beating Colorado is a big win.


There are bright spots coming out of this season if you look hard enough at conference play.


1) Iowa State is second in scoring offense at 76.5ppg right behind Kansas at 77.9ppg.

2) This "team" is still 2nd in FT% at .732% making 153-209.

3) ISU is 3rd in three point FG% connecting on 89 of 238 for .374% trailing Texas shooting .425% and OU at .390. Cyclones are forth in 3-ptrs made.

4) Cyclones are 5th in FG% made at 44.6%

5) The team is second in steals swiping 10.17/game trailing KU's 10.25.

6) Thanks to Curtis & Will, we are 2nd in assists with 15.83/game again trailing KU.

7) These Cyclones lead the conference in Turnover margin at +6.25/game.

8) Again, this team leads the Big 12 in Assist/Turnover ratio at 1.30.

9) Cyclones are only -.8 in scoring margin for conference play. Not bad for team well below .500.

10) Rahshon, Jiri, Shawn, Tasheed and Jessen are all shooting above 70% at FT line.

So there is some good news when looking at this team and with that, almost everyone should come back next year to improve on these statistics. ( Right now only lose John Neal and Anthony Davis)

The bad news is as follows;

1) ISU is dead last in scoring defense allowing 77.2ppg.

2) Cyclones are 11th in FG% defense having teams shoot .494%. Ouch!

3) Along that category is 3point FG% where they are 11th as well allowing and most of the time I do mean allowing opponents to shoot .399%. Leader is CU at .327%

4) ISU is 11th as well in rebounding margin at -7.1 with Baylor last at -7.9.

5) Stinson and Blalock are only shooting .65% from free thrown line when the ball has always been in their hands down the stretch. Not good!

6) And the last notable weakness is something that we've had steady play on the past few years and that is blocked shots were the Cyclones are….you guessed it dead last at 1.5/game and the leader is Colorado at 6.25/game.


With what has transpired this season, one has to wonder if this truly is a team in that everyone knows their role and the "leaders" are making those around them better. There is still much to prove and with four games left a season to salvage. One pondering question I've had is that I really like the way Ross Marsden has shot the ball this year and he is 30-48 (.625%) in that category. How didn't he get a shot off against the Sooners????


Teams records when games decided by 5 points or less

Texas (2-0), Texas A&M (8-3), Colorado (4-2), Nebraska (3-1), Oklahoma (4-3), Texas Tech (3-3), Missouri (3-3), Baylor (1-2), Kansas St. (5-7), Iowa St. (2-5), Oklahoma St. (2-6), Kansas (1-5). For the most part, season records reflect same.


Rankings as of 2/21 

1) Texas (10-2) (2/22@KSt, *2/25-KU)- Texas has hit at least one "3" in last 501 consecutive games. For all the marbles this weekend vs Jayhawks.

2) Kansas (10-2) (2/21-Baylor, 2/25@Texas)- Kansas is the only team to have at least 10 wins in league play since inception of the Big 12.

3) Oklahoma (9-4) (2/25-KSt)- Big win for Kelvin Sampson last night. Jr Michael Neal is 26-45 (.577%) over last four games. WOW….oh and add three free throws to that as well for a controversial three pointer.

4) Colorado (7-5) (2/22@NU, 2/25-Missu)- Buffs have made 51-59 free throws over their last three games. (Stinson there is a reason they are in 4th place). CU is 10-1 when they hold opponents to under 70points.

5) Nebraska (6-6) (2/22-Col, 2/25@A&M)- Winner of A&M/Husker game will be the 5th place team. Huskers have beaten Col. 7 of last 9 games in Lincoln.

6) Texas A&M (6-6) (2/21@Missu, 2/25-NU)- Aggies are forcing 19.9 turnover/game and lead the conference. They are 13-2 when forcing at least 18 turnovers/game.

7) Texas Tech (6-7) (2/25@OSU)- Tech has allowed only five opponents to shoot better than 40% from three point line. OU made 50% last night.

8) Kansas State (5-7) (2/22-Texas, 2/25@OU)- It's the Wildcats time to play murderous row in the schedule, at least they're both not on the road. KState is 14-3 when holding opponents to 69 points or less.

9) Oklahoma State (4-8) (2/22@ISU, 2/25-Tech)- Cowboys defense in the last three games are allowing only 56.7pts. Playing better as season moves on. Interior players are very strong.

10) Iowa State (4-8) (2/22-OSU, 2/25@Baylor)- Biggest disappointment in the Big 12 hands down. Cyclones have had fewer turnovers than opponent in every game this year! Curtis Stinson needs only 7 more steals to become the 3rd player in Big 12 history to have 1500pts, 400rbs, 400assits, and 200 steals.

11) Missouri (4-8) (2/21-A&M, 2/25@Col)- Would put Baylor here but Tigers have two game cushion. Missu has beaten A&M eight of eleven Big 12 meetings.

12) Baylor (2-10) (2/21@KU, 2/25-ISU)- Don't think Bears will win their first game on the road tonight do you? Underclassmen have led team in scoring 36 of last 40 games.




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