CN Postgame: Notes and Quotes

Iowa State defeated a young Oklahoma State team Wednesday night in Ames. Wayne Morgan and Will Blalock spoke to the media afterwards. Find out what they had to say about the big home victory right here.

Wayne Morgan's press conference on Wednesday night was unusually light hearted and happy. Morgan came into the room smiling and joking with reporters after his team's big win against Oklahoma State. Here are notes taken from the presser.


  • Coach Morgan said that his kids executed the game plan tonight.
  • Morgan said that they used the same defensive game plan on JamesOn Curry that they used against Richard Roby of Colorado.
  • Morgan said that Ross Marsden and Jiri Hubalek played great in the second half.
  • Coach Morgan said that he feels his team is getting better. He said that his guys are finally getting it figured out and that the young guys finally know what they have to do to win.
  • Coach Morgan reiterated that the defense Iowa State plays switches from game to game depending on the opponent. 
  • Morgan commented on the fact that his team only committed 12 turnovers and he was very pleased with that.
  • Morgan said that the officials were great in the game.



Cyclone guard, Will Blalock also spoke with the media. Will had nine points and four assists in the game. Here's what he had to say.


  • " It feels really good. We finally got the monkey off of our back. We're ready to keep it up. We've got to go one game at a time."
  • "We're going to take it one game at a time and go from there. These are all winnable games from here on out and we figure that a lot of teams in the country are starting to get tired. We just keep going and hopefully we'll make something out of nothing. Let's see if we can make a run for the NCAA."
  • "We knew he (Rahshon Clark) was going to step it up. He came up to me and Curtis the other day and told us that he was going to take some of the bricks off of our shoulders. Everybody always makes it seem like we have to have a good game and as you can see today I didn't have the greatest game. He stepped it up and it made it a lot easier for me. I didn't have to force the issue. I was very comfortable."
  • "We've been telling Coach from the beginning that we want to start playing more man to man. He told us that if we give it a great effort in practice that he'd try it. So now we're kind of getting out of the 2-3 zone and we can guard anybody because our bigs are playing really good defense. As long as they're active, the guards are going to stay active. We can guard anybody instead of going 2-3 the whole game."
  • "In the first half we started out with a 2-2-1 press. Then we switched to a 1-2-2. We dropped back into our match up zone.  That's mainly just like a man to man. We knew that we had to focus in on Curry because he's a great shooter. He's been destroying people in the league so we really had to minimize his baskets and limit Mario Boggan inside."

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