Looking Ahead to the Big 12 Tournament

With two games remaining, Iowa State still has seeding to play for in the Big 12 tournament. Iowa State can still finish as high as the six seed, find out how right here at CN.

Team- Record                                   Remaining Games

1) Texas- 12-2                                 @Texas A&M, vs. Oklahoma

2) Kansas – 11-3                              vs. Colorado, @Kansas State

3) Oklahoma – 10-4                         vs. Ok. State, @Texas

4) Colorado – 8-6                              @KU, vs. ISU

5) Texas A&M – 8-6                         vs. Texas, @Texas Tech

6) Nebraska – 7-7                            vs. K-State, @ Missouri

7) Texas Tech – 6-8                         @Baylor, vs. Texas A&M

8) Kansas State – 5-9                     @Nebraska, vs. Kansas

9) Iowa State – 5-9                         Missouri, @Colorado

10) Oklahoma State – 5-9               @Oklahoma, vs. Baylor

11) Missouri – 4-10                          @ISU, vs. Nebraska

12) Baylor – 3-11                             Texas Tech, @Ok. State




If Iowa State wins out –


-          That puts the Cyclones at 7-9 heading into the Big 12 tournament. It doesn't matter what Oklahoma State does because Iowa State has the tiebreaker. Of the three teams with 5-9 records, Kansas State has the toughest road as they have to travel to Nebraska and they host Kansas on Saturday. If Iowa State wins out, the team they need to watch is Texas Tech. If Iowa State wins out and Texas Tech loses out, that will put Iowa State as the 7 seed and the Cyclones will more than likely play Kansas State in the first round of the tourney. That would match the winner of the 7-10 game with the 2 seed, which would more than likely be Kansas in the second round. Iowa State can still get the 6 seed if Nebraska and Texas Tech both lose out, and Iowa State wins out. That means Kansas State would have to lose against Kansas as well.


If Iowa State wins one of two…

-          That would put Iowa State at 6-10 in the conference and that would more than likely give them either the 8 or 9 seed which would lead to a match up with Texas in the second round. If Iowa State plays in the 8-9 game, by looking at the schedule they would more than likely play Oklahoma State, a good match up for the Cyclones in the first round. It's that second round game that would hurt as they winner gets Texas.


If Iowa State losses out…

-          Iowa State is 5-11 in the conference and would more than likely get the 10 seed. Being the 10 seed, that would match Iowa State up with the 6 seed, which by my projections will be Texas Tech in the first round. With a win there, Iowa State would face Kansas in the second round instead of Texas. Now if for some reason Iowa State would lose out, and Missouri would beat Nebraska at home on Saturday, Iowa State would be the 11 seed with a very winnable match up with Nebraska in the first round. That would put the winner against Oklahoma in the second round. In a weird way, this could actually be the best scenario for the Cyclones.


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