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Monday March 6, 3:00 pm. – Leaving Ames

-          Oh how sweet this was. Not only do I get a two week spring break, I get to watch basketball while doing it. This is one point in time where I realized how lucky I am to have this job. Anyways, I departed Ames around three to drive to my hometown of Clarinda, Iowa. From there I will fly out of Kansas City early Tuesday morning to make the women's game at noon on Wednesday. It's a little bittersweet though because my Journalism 342 teacher was not impressed by me missing a week of class to cover a lame thing she refers to as basketball. See if I care. I was taught at a young age that a young lad needs to have priorities in life. I have mine. Sports are at the top of that list. She can take her little 25 point pop quiz on Thursday and shove it for all I care. Sorry for that rant, I had to let it out for someone to hear so I chose our hundreds of loyal subscribers.


Tuesday March 7, 4:45 am. – Alarm goes off in Clarinda

-          Wow, that was early. There are two things in life that my body can absolutely not take. The first is a wrestling match with my roommate, Scott Stephenson, even though I've come close to hanging around for a round a couple of times. The other is waking up before 8 am. My dad sure was ready to take me to the airport in Kansas City though. I always have wondered what happens to a person's body when they get older that allows them to get up at such hours. When I'm up at that time my eyes are burning and my stomach is just down right angry with me. It was a nice little drive down I-29 discussing everything that has to do with Cyclone athletics with my dad, but I can't lie, I passed out by 30 miles north of Clarinda.


Tuesday March 7, 9:19 am. – In the air somewhere between KC and Dallas.

-          Right now I'm currently in the air somewhere in the United States and I am definitely rocking out to some George Strait on my laptop getting ready for my experience in the great state of Texas. King George is like a god down there. I'm kind of angry due to the fact that I'm in the middle of three seats. I enjoy flying but I always feel better when the wheels hit the ground. I never know if I should talk to the people sitting next to me or not. I'm in the middle of two complete strangers. The guy to the left of me is passed out and the nice looking lady to the right of me isn't interested in conversing with at 21 year old college student. I don't won't to come off as stuck up, but I also don't want to be that annoying guy on the plane who acts like he knows everybody. The only thing that I'm worried about at this point is Brent Blum picking me up at the airport. I love the kid to death, but his Dallas morning traffic skills worry me. I swear that right now I'm on a flight sponsored by the AARP. There are two people on this flight younger than the age of 60, and I'm one of them. The other one is a fairly attractive young southern bell sitting across the isle from me. She's giving me the eye, I winked at her and that'll probably be the end of it. Ok I didn't really wink at her but I probably should have. Anyways I've now realized that I'm going into a pointless rant that none you care about so I'll kill this right now.

Tuesday March 7, 11:55 am. – Blum made the pickup

-          I was impressed with Brent. That takes some marbles to make the pick up in a foreign city as big as Dallas. Anyways I'm here and it is beautiful. The weather is perfect and I'm now on my way to the women's game against Texas. I'll let you know how it goes.


Tuesday March 7, 5:05 pm. – Woman Pull Off the Win

-          The week is officially off to a great start. This was a really fun game to watch. Not only did the women win, Blum and I saw MUGSY BOGUES outside of the arena. Coolest moment of my life!  I sat in the stands which was nice for a change, you'll all hear about why I had to do that sometime in the future. Had a nice talk with Jamie Pollard and Jeff Johnson. Jeff Johnson is the coolest guy in the world. For those of you who don't know, he is the director of the Alumni Association. He is so passionate about being a Cyclone fan and I love it. The women played hard and deserved that win. It was great to see the look on Bill Fennelly's face after the game. Speaking of Bill Fennelly, that man is an absolute riot to watch during a game. At one point in the first half he thought that a charge should have been called and he then turned to the media members sitting near him and asked four of them individually, "Did you see that, huh did you see that?" Absolutely historical. We're all at the hotel now and we're debating if we should go to the Dallas Mavericks game tonight. They're playing the Blazers. Might be kind of cool. I'll keep you all posted.





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