CN From Dallas: Practice and Presser Report

Iowa State held a practice open to the public on Wednesday afternoon followed by a press conference and CN was there to cover it. Come check out notes and quotes taken from the team's shoot around down here in Dallas.

Iowa State held a practice that was open to the media on Wednesday afternoon. The following are notes and quotes taken from the practice.


Will Blalock


On being in Dallas


-"It'll feel just like home but the seats won't be filled up. It was fun last time we were here. I remember it from my freshman year and it was pretty good."

- "Our shooting wasn't bad but the only thing I remember was losing to Oklahoma State last time we were here." – Oklahoma State went to the Final Four that year


On Tasheed Carr


-          "We just moved on from it and we have to do what we have to do to get by these next four days. We can't let that distract us."


On Oklahoma State


-          Will said that he believes that the team has a little extra confidence because of the outcome the last time these two teams played. "We feel pretty good about our chances tomorrow," said Blalock.

-          "We need to stop their main guys like JamesOn Curry and Mario Boggan down low. We need to stop them in transition."

-          "We're not going to settle for jump shots just because they say they're going to stop us. They still have to stop us. We're just going to run our offense and go from there."


On 3-point shooting

-          "We kind of want to get away from that because it's not really our game but if it's open from the perimeter why not shoot? That's what we've been doing."


On the young frontcourt reacting to the Dallas atmosphere

-          "They've got to get ready fast. We've only got one more day. We've been here before, the veterans; it's nothing new to us."


On being an underdog

-" I like it. There's not a lot of added on pressure."


Curtis Stinson


Note – Stinson suffered an eye injury in his last game against Colorado but will be fine for Thursday's game. His vision is doing fine and he isn't expected to wear any sort of eye protection.


On wearing goggles


- "I don't need to be Kareem or anybody like that,"


On Oklahoma State

-          "We're really confident. We feel like we're playing really good basketball right now. We lost some games but we're still confident. We're going to play as hard as wee can for every game.


On the young frontcourt

-          "Everybody goes through that time but for us every year our freshmen do good in the Big 12 tournament. Hopefully we can get some guys to come in and do the same this year because that's what we need."


On March Madness

-          "It's really exciting. I love the atmosphere. Everybody plays their hardest because everybody wants to win. Everybody wants to win a championship. This is it right here. We're really excited to be here and we're ready to go.


On having his back against the wall

-          "I like it that way. I've always been the underdog my entire life. You can creep up on people sometimes. If you look down on us we're still going to fight. When you're an underdog you're the hunter, you're not the hunted."



Wayne Morgan


Note: Coach Morgan would not comment on the transfer of Tasheed Carr.


On Stinson's injury

-          "He's not going to wear goggles or anything like that. He's ready to play and he's going to give it everything he has and I'm looking forward to it."

-          "When it first happened and when they first told me what happened I was concerned but the trainer told me that the eye is usually the fastest healing organ and he thought he would be ready. You know Curtis, you'd have to poke his eye out to keep him from playing."


On playing man-to-man

-          " We will play more man-to-man next year. What we're doing now resembles man-to-man but it's not."

-          "My first year when I had Jackson (Vroman) and Jake (Sullivan) we played man all the time and then we started to throw the other stuff in. It'll be good. Guys have figured out what they have to do and we can do a lot of stuff to try and strengthen out chances between now and next year."



After practice, Morgan, Stinson and Blalock all held a short press conference for all members of the media. Here are notes taken from that presser.


Coach Morgan


-         Morgan said that he is looking forward to the game. His kids have worked hard and he expects a very competitive game.

-         Morgan feels like the program is hitting on all cylinders and doing very well and he is looking forward to the future.

-         Morgan said that Rahshon Clark has to play well for the team to do well. Big guys have to rebound well. When those things happen good things happen. He said that his guards are very consistent and give the same effort every night.



-         Curtis said that the last time they played Oklahoma Stat they started off slow last game. He said that playing defense gets them going. Stinson said that Iowa State slowed them down and made the shots to win.



-         Will said that the team is not coming here for vacation. They are trying to win four games in four days and go to the NCAA Tournament.

-         Will said that the Oklahoma State guards are young but good. He said that the last time the teams met Iowa State tried to harass them on the perimeter as much as possible.







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