CN From Dallas: Oklahoma State Presser Notes

Oklahoma State held a press conference in Wednesday afternoon and CN was there to keep you informed on what was said about Iowa State. Here are quotes from the Cowboys presser.

Head Coach Designate Sean Sutton

-          "We are excited about playing tomorrow and I think our guys feel good about ourselves, especially how we have played down the stretch."


On the team's confidence

-          "I think the Teas game gave us a lot of confidence and reaffirmed the players that when we play at a high level we play like we are capable and we can play with most teams in the country."


Freshman Guard Byron Eaton on Stinson and Blalock

-          "We didn't do a good job getting after them as well as we did with the other guards. We know that they are good guards and so they don't like to shoot a lot of jumpers. So tomorrow night we will try to make them shoot a lot of jumpers. We just want to go out there and have fun."


Sophomore Guard JamesOn Curry on Stinson and Blalock

-          "They handled the ball extremely well, set their teammates up well and penetrated to the basket."


Junior Forward Mario Boggan on playing teams the second time around

- "I feel like when we play teams the second time we have a feel for them already and we know what to expect so we just use that and go out there and play hard and attack them."

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