CN Post Game - Iowa State Presser Report

CN was there to cover Iowa State's post game presser. Here it is, transcribed in its entirety.

Morgan: I thought that our energy level and intensity in the first half wasn't high enough. I thought that Oklahoma State came out and they played with the intensity and energy that you would expect in the first half of a tournament game.


Q: When you scored the four straight points to make it a two-point game did you think at that point that you guys were on your way and had them?


Curtis Stinson: Well, yeah, when you make a run like that, you feel like you get the game close it's anybodies game now. We thought we had it. They just made plays down the stretch. When they had fast breaks, lay ups, whatever, they executed well. We had to play catch-up. We put ourselves in the hole. We just had to play catch-up. It's hard to do that in tournament time. Give credit to Oklahoma State. They played well and executed down the stretch too.


Q: How do you feel that their inside game hurt you more this time than it did the last time in Ames, do you feel like they put more emphasis on that instead of pressuring the guards on the outside?


Morgan: I thought that would be a part of their game plan to really go inside, especially get the ball to Boggan. Johnson is a really good player and he had a fantastic first half, but even before the game started we had indicated those gwo guys that would be a part of what they were doing. At the same time you have to give them credit. They executed, made the shots and they did what they needed to do.


Q: If you are invited to the NIT, is that something that you would like to see this team do, continue to play at this point next year?


Morgan: If we had an opportunity to play in the NIT, I would like to do it because I think we have a lot of young players who can benefit from the experience. If we had an opportunity to play in the NIT I think that would also give us maybe a platform to get into extra springboard for next season. I think that any experience that we can get that would help us prepare for the future is positive.


Q: Talk about the rebounding situation, obviously it's been frustrating all year and again tonight you were out-rebounded, talk about that a little bit.


Morgan: Well, it's something that we have been working on all year and it's something that we're going to get better at. We're going to get bigger, stronger and we're going to get more tenacious. I can't offer any excuses for it. We were out-rebounded tonight. The thing that also is upsetting is that in every game that we have either competed or out-rebounded our opponent in we have won. We know that that is a key component that we have got to get better at.


Q: Shawn Taggart didn't play at all in the second half. Was that your decision and if so, why?


Morgan: That was my decision. I just didn't think he was getting up and down the court as fast as he needed to. Pretty quick game and one part of their game plan was to beat us down the quart for quick scores or lay up. I just didn't feel he was getting up and down the court fast enough.


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