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Marcus Fizer made a return to the NBA by signing a 10-day contract on Wednesday with the Seattle Sonics.




Marcus Fizer-Seattle Sonics


Marcus Fizer has a brief chance to reclaim a spot in the NBA with a 10-day contract that he signed last Wednesday with the Sonics.


The Sonics signed Fizer because of an injury to Cedar Falls native, Nick Collison .


Fizer has not been able to prove his worth yet but hopefully he will have his shot. With a good impression, there is a chance for Fizer to sign a longer contract with the Sonics.  


Jamaal Tinsley-Indiana Pacers


Jamaal Tinsley has gradually increased his minutes and production as he starts to come back from elbow and bicep injuries that has sidelined him for 26 of 30 games this year. Tinsley came back on March 7th and put up six points and 1 assist in only nine minutes.


In his next three games last week, Tinsley was able to contribute an average of 7 points and 2.3 assists while more than doubling his first game's minutes with 20.6 minutes per game.


The Pacers need a healthy Tinsley in order to make a good stretch-run toward the playoffs.   


Kalvin Cato-Orlando Magic


Kalvin Cato has been inactive since January 18 because of a sprained right ankle. Hopefully Detroit will be a place where Cato can settle down (once he's healthy) and show his full NBA potential in a talented Detroit lineup.  


Jackson Vroman-New Orleans Hornets


Vroman is out for the rest of the season with a broken wrist that he sustained while attempting a dunk on February 22 against Utah. Hopefully Vroman has a full recovery and is ready for next season.










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