The Reaction of a Legend

Jamie Pollard said in his press conference that he will use former Iowa State great Gary Thompson as a consultant in his search for a new head coach. Find out what Thompson had to say about the coaching situation at Iowa State here in this Q&A.

Thompson: I thought that there wasn't enough discipline in this program in lot of areas. That was my disappointment. You want your coaches to succeed and I was hoping the best that Wayne Morgan would come in and do great and take us to great heights. When they do that, Iowa State wins and we all win. You're always hoping for that. That's the only comment that I'd make about that.


Q: Did you see this coming?


Thompson: Well yeah I have to be honest that I thought there was a possibility when Jamie asked to hear my thoughts. Again, I go back to saying that the one thing that I think this program was lacking was discipline. I've always felt, and like I said, I'm an old-timer. That goes back to the old days when discipline is a great part and I see discipline as being very important to being successful.


Thoughts on next year's team


Thompson: We have an outstanding freshman who is red-shirting, Farnold Degand. We have a couple of great recruits next year coming in. I heard that they were going to make an offer to get Tasheed Carr to return. You've got some talented young guys. I see a coach coming in, whoever it is that has the opportunity without any pressure to continue something strong. Most Iowa State fans are saying that we'd be lucky to have a winning season next year. That gives him time to come in an build this program and do things his way.


Q: Do you have anybody in mind right now who would be a good coach here?


Thompson? No. Well I suppose if I was honest there is a group of people but that is Jamie's decision. Over the year's I've made a lot of acquaintances with people and I can get a lot of information to help him that maybe some other people couldn't get.


Q: Gary it seemed like the past few years things were going really well, what do you think happened?


Thompson: Well I think that a lot of people thought that this season was going to be better. I just did not see the discipline.


Q: It's been a heck of a week for the program, how do you assess what's happened this week?


Thompson: This isn't just about discipline on the court. There are a lot of other issues that go into their (Polllard the president) final decision. I trust their judgment.

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