President Geoffrey: Not Looking Back

Iowa State President Gregory Geoffrey has demonstrated somewhat of a hands off approach to Jamie Pollard's decision making with the men's basketball program. After Pollard's press conference on Friday, CN caught up with the president and had a brief Q&A with the man who overseas Pollard.

Q: Jamie had mentioned that the decision to make this happen on Wednesday night which was a few hours after the story first broke. What do you say to people who might assume that the story was a bigger fact than what has been said so far?


Geoffrey: You'll have to address that question to Jamie. It was his decision. He's the one who factored in everything and he would have to assess that.


Q: Can you describe your role on how you will be overseeing the search for a new coach?


Geoffrey: Again Jamie is the point person in the search for a new coach. He and I have already had some preliminary discussions about how that might occur and what my role might be. I'm ready to get engaged whenever he thinks it's time for me. It's likely of course that as we get close to a final decision on a new coach that I will be involved in some sort of discussion at the end of the day.


Q: Is it frustrating having to do this again?


Geoffrey: It's always frustrating when you have to make these kinds of changes. In anything like this, what's most important is to look towards the future. Think about what's the right thing to do for the future success of the program I don't think that you can ever look back on things. You always have to look to the future and think about the decisions you're making and future impact.

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