Instant Reaction: Taggart Speaks

Curious as to how Iowa State's players are reacting to their new coaching situation? CN is giving you instant reaction to the hiring of Greg McDermott as the next head coach at Iowa State. Find out what Shawn Taggart thinks here only at CN.

Do you have any prior relationship with Greg McDermott?


Taggart: No we were looking at footage one day and we saw him and Coach Wayne going after it, like talking back and forth. So that was kind of funny. But, I have never talked to him. Hopefully me and him can sit down and talk one on one and talk about my future and where he sees this program going.


How do you think your first year was at Iowa State?


Taggart: I'm not satisfied at all with my performance. I showed flashes some times, sometimes I felt like why did I come here? Or like why did I get recruited here? But, every player has a bad year; every player has a bad game. The real players come back the next year and don't do the same stuff they did the last year. So, we'll see.


Does this give you an opening to maybe explore your options to schools that recruited you out of high school?


Taggart: There were a lot of schools after me in high school and prep school. I'm going to stick by Iowa State right now and my future here and just think about it and see how it goes. I'm going to talk to the coach and see what he has to say to me. Hopefully, it's something good. That's what I want to hear.


So you wouldn't rule out staying at ISU?


Taggart: I wouldn't rule out staying at all. I've seen him (McDermott) play before and played against him, and he said a few good things about me in the paper. So, I'm not going to say I'm not going to stay.


How did it come to pass that everyone was here today?


Taggart: We had a private meeting within our family. We still like family, even though he got fired and all. We still look at him as a father figure. We were talking with him and he said if you all want to come it's at 1:30 and we all were like we are gonna come and support you.


Are you worried with all of you here, it might offend McDermott?


Taggart: No, I don't think that would offend him. We have to show loyalty. He got us here, he recruited us, we fought for him, we lived with him, and we sat down and ate with him the man, so we're just like family. If we do decide to stay, we're going to learn to be loyal to him (McDermott). It's going to be the same way. We're not going to be mad at him because Coach Wayne got fired. We understand college is a business.


What is your timetable to decide?


Taggart:  Umm…Two months. I'm going to sit down and think about it. Wait till schools out…I can't wait for the snow to leave.


Is it possible you may go somewhere else?


Taggart: It's more pushing this way, but if I do decide to go somewhere else, I really don't know. I'm just confused right now, but I love everybody at Iowa State and I want to be here. But, I still got to sit down and look at my options. I want to see what type of coach he is and what style of play and that kind of stuff.


How did you find out Wayne was released?


Taggart: I was asleep; I had both my phones turned off. When I turned my phones on, Farnold Degand called me and said, "Oh, Coach Morgan got fired." I was like, "What? Just Coach Morgan?" No the whole coaching staff. I was like Oh my god. I was shocked and sad. I don't think I talked the whole day.


You didn't have any idea that would happen?


Taggart: No, we were supposed to have a conference or something on Friday and talk to him, but Coach wasn't there and a couple of you guys chased me into my car. (Laughs) 






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