Instant Reaction: John Neal

CN Q&A with John Neal.

Did you see what Pollard said about the program or did you think the program was going to take off?


Neal: I know Coach Morgan has won a lot of games here. He's given me a great opportunity to let me play for him and that's something I'll always cherish and owe to Coach Morgan, because he's done a lot of things for me and a lot of things for every guy on this team. He's done a lot of great things for Iowa State, won a lot of games. I feel very fortunate to play for him and I just wish him the best.


What has Morgan meant to you?


Neal: Both Eustachy and Wayne meant a lot to me. They both gave me a chance. One gave me the chance to walk-on, the other to be on scholarship. I will always be grateful for that. I wish him and his family the best of luck. Hopefully, he can get a head coaching job because he is a great coach.


What do you see from the program next year?


Neal: McDermott's won a lot of games at UNI; he's made three straight tourney appearances. He's done a lot of good things, so you can't really bash McDermott. It's not his fault all of this stuff happened. I don't know if guys will stay around and things like that. It's tough to say. You just hope they can do good things, because I'm sure a lot of these guys will be here. They are all my friends and teammates and I just wish the best for them.


You think guys like Rahshon and Shawn will stay?


Neal: To tell you the truth, I haven't really talked to them or what they're going to do. But, they are my friends and teammates and they should do whatever is best for them. We'll see what happens.


 How hard is it to deal with a coaching change?


Neal: It will be tough. I was fortunate enough to get a coach that was already in the program. It will be tough, depending on whom they bring in, who will be back on the team. It will be tough. But if they can get a good guy and McDermott can turn things around and get guys going, they should have a successful season. They have a lot of good guys returning. There are lots of things they can be successful with.


How is the mood of the team?


Neal: Guys are upset. Coach Morgan meant a lot to all of us. He's done a lot for us. Guys are going to be real upset just for the fact that you are seeing a guy that you really care about, not be able to coach anymore. They all have relationships with him, so it will be tough.


Did the guys like Curt, Will, and Rahshon come to play for Morgan or ISU?


Neal: You want to come because of the coach, but they picked ISU because they loved the University just like they love Coach Morgan. They like his style of play and they have had some pretty good years here. 

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