Instant Reaction: Carr Considering Comeback?

Tasheed Carr recently announced that he would be leaving Iowa State. Iowa State athletic offered Tasheed a spot on the roster next season and after the hiring of Greg McDermott, Carr is now talking about the possibility of a return. Will Tasheed be back in a Cyclone uniform next season? He talks about it right here at CN.

What was the reasoning behind you wanting to transfer?


Carr: I just felt as though for myself and my playing time, it wasn't the best thing for my future. I felt that I could have helped in many ways. I felt that I wasn't getting a fair shot as far as playing time and that factored in. I just had to do what was best for myself and my future. I came to this decision a few weeks ago that it might be best to move on and go somewhere else to play.


Is there anything that Coach McDermott can say to you to get you to change your mind?


Carr: I'm definitely going to talk to him. I want to see his visions for the program and I want to see where he thinks we could be at. There's really nothing specific. I'm going to hear everything in general that he has to say and I want to see what he has to offer to myself and the team. I don't have any favorites at this moment. I'm very open to coming back and playing for Coach McDermott. It depends on when I talk to my family and the people who mean the most to me. If we feel good about myself and my future then that's what I'm going to do.


What do you think about Iowa State besides the basketball program? Do you like it here in Ames?


Carr: It's a great place. I tell everybody if I'm here or if I'm going, the people treat you good, the fans are nice. Whether I'm here or if I'm not here, I always know that the people here in Ames are very supportive and they are great people.


Have you talked to Will about him possibly coming back?


Carr: We talk. We're really good friends, probably best friends but the things that we talk about, I don't think that it's for me to discuss with the media. It's definitely a possibility. We're leaving our options open and I'm going to leave my options open.


Would you like to play along side him next year?


Carr: He's the best point guard in the Big 12. It would be great but whatever's best for him I will agree on and I'm sure that he will do the same thing for me.

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