What Will Westbrook Do?

Right after Lawrence Westbrook committed to Iowa State, he stated that a major reason was because he wanted to learn from Curtis Stinson and Will Blalock. Now that their return is in question and Iowa State has a new coach, what will he do now? CN caught up with Westbrook's head coach at the Winchendon School. Check out what Mike Byrnes had to say about Westbrook's situation.

According to Lawrence Westbrook's head coach at the Winchendon School in Winchendon, MA, Westbrook will be attending Iowa State next year to play basketball for new head coach Greg McDermott.


"I've talked to the new staff as long as with Mr. Westbrook (Lawrence's father). I haven't talked to Lawrence but obviously the dad is the leader of the family. Both parties have talked and both parties feel very very comfortable with the situation at Iowa State. As of now both parties are honoring the commitment," said Mike Byrnes, Lawrence's head coach.


Notably, Byrnes also coached Curtis Stinson at the Winchendon School.


Westbrook's top draw to Iowa State was the fact that he was going to be able to come in and learn from two of the top guards in the country in Will Blalock and Curtis Stinson. Now that those two have been discussing the NBA, next year is a whole new ballgame for Westbrook.


"Now there's a situation where he can step in and earn those minutes but he has the opportunity to step in. There are a lot of minutes available for guards. He now has the opportunity to step in and fight for those minutes," said Byrnes.


A lot has been said about the relationship between Wayne Morgan and his players since the firing. That wasn't necessarily the case with Westbrook. Westbrook was closer to assistant coach Damon Archibald who did the majority of recruiting in Westbrook's case.


"Coach Archibald did 90% of the recruiting of Lawrence. Obviously Lawrence spent time with Coach Morgan when he was out on his visit. It wasn't as much Wayne, it was more Coach Archibald," said Byrnes.


Byrnes compared similarities in recruiting between Westbrook and Stinson.


"As far as the recruiting process, it was the same exact situation with Curtis. When Curtis signed, obviously he signed under Coach Eustachy, but Wayne Morgan had done 80% of the recruiting so Curtis felt comfortable," said Byrnes.


Byrnes went on to say that he didn't know much about Coach McDermott personally but he has a relationship with one of McDermott's brand new assistants, Jeff Rutter.


"I know Coach Rutter, the assistant coach. I know him just because he's been in my gym. He's tried to recruit prep school kids, I don't even know if he ever got any but he's a very nice guy who worked his tail off. I was impressed with him, impressed with his personality," said Byrnes.


Byrnes was confident that the new coaching situation was going to work out for both parties in this recruiting situation.


"They are both honoring their commitment and both sides seem to me like they are very excited about next year's situation. I think that all of the people in Ames are going to be very very happy with the direction of the new coaching staff," said Byrnes.


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