Spring Ball - Day Three

Saturday marked day three of spring practice and it also was the first day of the year in which the team padded up. The intensity was high and there was one significant position change on defense. One member of last year's offense was missing and why was Jason Scales not practicing? Find out everything right here at CN.

Carper to Rush End


Adam Carper, who spent last year at the SLB position has been moved to the RUSH end position. Carper, who is only around 220 pounds is undersized at the position but seemed to hold his own going head to head with Aaron Brandt on Saturday. The move was made because the coaches were interested to see what Tyrone McKenzie could do at SLB. Defensive coordinator John Skladany said afterwards that Carper looked natural at the position after his first day. The move looks like it's an experiment at this point and time.


CN will have a complete interview with Skladany on Monday in which he goes into this situation with great detail.


Greg Coleman


Greg Coleman was not in attendance on Saturday. CN reported on the premium message board earlier this week that he had quit the team.


Jason Scales


Jason Scales was on the sidelines again on Saturday but it was because of a tweaked hamstring which he pulled on Friday.


Austin Flynn


Austin Flynn left practice early with a trainer. He walked off the field without a limp. CN will keep you posted.


Saturday's Good


The Kicking Game


Yes you read it right. The kicking game was great on Saturday. Chris Mahoski went 2-2 as he connected from 42 and 47 yards with plenty of leg left on both kicks. Bret Culbertson was also 2-2 on the day as he connected on two short kicks. Red-shirt freshman punter Michael Brandtner kicked an absolute bomb during a scrimmage. The kick was so strong that it hit the ceiling in ISU's Bergstom practice facility.


The Linebackers


Alvin Bowen and Matt Robertson combine for one of the most intense line backing duos that this school has ever seen. Bowen is an incredible athlete that was involved in every single play on Saturday. With the addition of Tyrone McKenzie, this trio could be scary come fall for Big 12 opponents.


Stevie Hicks


Hicks looked extremely healthy and very fast out there on Saturday. He looked like the back that ran wild against Iowa last season. He went full speed the entire practice.


Ryan Baum


Baum was running full speed the entire time. He didn't look like he was feeling last year's knee injury at all.


DeAndre Jackson


There's no doubt that Jackson is the team leader on defense. In spring ball fights break out all of the time. In fact they are encouraged. Every time a fight broke out Jackson was the first to break it up and pat both of his teammates on the back. The young guys look up to him and Dre demands their respect on and off the field.



Saturday's Tweener


Kyle Van Winkle


Two plays in a row during the scrimmage, Van Winkle couldn't get in position to even make the hand off to Stevie Hicks. Just when the coaches were getting down on him, he threw the ball tremendously well during full-speed passing drills. Brice Beck hardly took any snaps on Saturday. It's clear to say that at this point, Van Winkle is penciled as Bret Meyer's backup.



Saturday's Bad


Travis Ferguson


Ferguson did not look good on Saturday. According to Skladany, he's come a long ways but it's an incredible drop off from what was at that position last year. Ferguson's play is another reason for the Carper move.


R.J. Sumrall


Sumrall dropped a lot of passes on Saturday and the quarterbacks were getting frustrated with his play.



Juniors in Attendance


There were numerous 2007 recruits in attendance on Saturday. Here are some notables.


Jordan Bernstine


Bernstine has already received offers from Nebraska, Kansas and Texas A&M. Iowa State hasn't shown as much interest in Bernstine as you would expect, but he will get a closer look as the process goes on.


Bryce McNaul


McNaul is one of the most highly touted prospects in the Midwest. He's already received offers from Colorado State, Northwestern, Miami (Ohio) and Iowa State. Him showing up to spring ball is good news from the Cyclones.


Tyler Nielsen & Cody Hundertmark


The duo from Humboldt was in attendance on Saturday. Both have yet to receive offers from Iowa State but they could be coming in the near future.


Shawn Gerald –


In person Gerald seemed a little bit smaller than I had imagined. He's listed as 6'4 but I doubt he's that tall. Shawn was with his parents and they looked interested in what was going on.


Kevin Thompson


Thompson looked like a monster in person.



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