Reaction From Stinson's Past

Curtis Stinson is planning on playing in the NBA next season and the reaction around Cyclone basketball has been varied. Iowa State fans want their leading scorer back; Stinson wants to make NBA dollars. CN caught up with Stinson's former prep school coach, Mike Byrnes and got his opinion.

"I hope he gets his college degree. With me being an educator, it's very important to me," said Byrnes.


Byrnes is currently the head coach of ISU commit Lawrence Westbrook at the Winchendon School in Winchendon, Mass.


Byrnes said that Stinson was one of the hardest working kids he's ever seen academically. Byrnes said that Stinson wasn't necessarily the smartest kid but he always tried the hardest.


With the latest news regarding Stinson, Byrnes thinks that Curtis should be cautious while making this decision.


"That's my opinion with all of the kids. If you don't have guaranteed money, you should go back to college," said Byrnes.


Byrnes doesn't talk to Stinson on a daily basis anymore but still keeps track of his former superstar. After hearing about the hiring of Greg McDermott, Byrnes thinks that the two sides need to talk some more before Stinson makes a final decision.


"Hopefully Curtis and the staff sit down and talk and hopefully Curtis feels comfortable with them and they feel comfortable with him. If he's not a guaranteed first round pick I hope that he comes back," said Byrnes.


Though Byrnes would like to see Curtis get his degree, he's also sensitive to Curtis's situation with his family.


"Again it's not my decision. I don't have the background that he has having to take care of his family financially. None of us really know until you live in the home. We can say we do but we don't," said Byrnes.


As of now Stinson has yet to officially sign with an agent which keeps him eligible for next season.


As of March 27, neither Stinson nor Will Blalock was projected to even get drafted according to



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