D-Jack Ready To Be a Leader

On Monday, Dan McCarney preached how he is looking for leadership during Wednesday's scrimmage. One guy looking to step up to the challenge is senior cornerback DeAndre Jackson. CN caught up with DeAndre and talked to him about everything from leading this defense to his brother Devin McDowell. Check it out in this CN exclusive.

Williams: How does it feel for you to be one of the team leaders going into your senior season?


Jackson: It feels great just watching them mature as we go along each practice. You know it feels good that they look up to me. It's my fourth year coming in. It's time to lead. It feels good being one of the big leaders on defense that everybody has to watch.


Williams: Coach McCarney was talking about how he's looking for leaders to step up on Wednesday. What can you do to be that guy?


Jackson: I want to make everybody else play big around me. I want to make everybody else better. When practice wasn't going to well, I got an interception. Hopefully that would have sparked some guys around me and make big plays like (Chris) Singleton did. That's my biggest thing, to make the other players around me play better.


Williams: Talk about what spring ball means to you.


Jackson: Spring ball is just a big learning experience. You get graded everyday. Especially going into the season. It really sets a tone going into August and two-a-days. You really have to buckle down and hit it hard.


Williams: What are your goals for next season?


Jackson: My main goal right now is to beat Toledo. Everything else will come after that. We don't want to get to ahead of ourselves.


Williams: How's your brother doing? (Devin McDowell, ISU commit)


Jackson: My brother is doing good. He can't wait to get up here. He calls me up every other day asking me what we've been doing. He sounds like he's ready.


Williams: Are you excited to have him up here?


Jackson: I'm very excited to have a family member up here. It makes me feel like I'm at home.


Williams: Do you think he can come in and make an immediate impact?


Jackson: If he gets his mind right and comes in mentally focused. If he puts on a little weight and takes it serious. Usually when you're a freshman you don't take it serious, but if he takes it serious I think he can be a big factor.


Williams: You had some killer hits out there today. For those of us who never get to feel that, how does it feel to really get a good lick on a guy out there?


Jackson: It feels good man. (laugh)


Williams: Better than an interception?


Jackson: I would say that an interception is sweeter. To break on that ball and to take it the other way is a lot better but a big hit proves that you're not scared to hit. A lot of people look at DB's as pretty boys and call us little. It's a good thing to make a big play.

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