Whitver & Vander Sanden - Reciever Breakdown

Going into the 2006 season, wide receiver is the most stable and deepest position on the football team. The coaching staff has done an excellent job of recruiting talent and Coach Grant has done an excellent job of developing them. This receiving corps has all of the tools necessary to be one of the top WR groups in the conference. With a combination of size, speed, hands and experience, look for this group to lead the offense next season.

Projected starters:


Todd Blythe


Todd is well on his way to becoming the best receiver in Cyclone history, if he has not already done so. Todd began his career with a bang in 2004 and hasn't slowed down since. With a rare combination of height, speed, and ball skills, Todd has all of the tools to be a NFL receiver. Look for him to dominate this season even with double coverage most of the season.


Austin Flynn


 Austin is primed and ready to have a fantastic senior season after playing extremely well in his first season as a receiver. The best way to describe Austin is simply scrappy.  He is a guy who is not extremely flashy, but will consistently make plays that will help the team win. Austin is ISU's possession receiver, a guy who will move the chains this fall. After a career that has seen him starting as a QB as a freshman, backup QB as a sophomore and starting WR as a junior, Austin has definitely seen his fair share of time on the field and should have a great senior campaign.


Jon Davis


 Jon brings home run speed to the Cyclone WR corps. He is a guy who can go the distance on any given play. Every good team needs a guy to stretch the field and Jon is the guy to keep the safeties deep. With Jon running the deep routes and taking some of the attention from the safeties, the other receivers can play to their strengths and run the underneath routes. Davis has taken some heat from dropped balls in the past, but overall has been a good WR for the Cyclones. Jon has outstanding speed and good hands. If he could develop a killer instinct and an "every ball in the air is mine" attitude, Jon could be great receiver for the Cyclones.


Player to watch:


Marquis Hamilton  


The next great Cyclone WR could very well be Marquis Hamilton. The word out of the Cyclone camp the last year is that this kid has all of the tools you look for in a WR. At 6'3, 215 pounds, Marquis has the kind of size that NFL coaches drool over. The trend in receivers the last 5-7 years is going towards big physical playmakers. From what I hear, this describes Hamilton very well. Look for Marquis to challenge for playing time in his freshman season and be a very good option as the season progresses.


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