Lawrence Westbrook Uncovered

Lawrence Westbrook was supposed to come into Iowa State and learn from two of the best guards in the country. Then, a week later he was supposed to come in and start as a true freshman and create his own legacy in a new era of Cyclone basketball. In this CN feature, find out what exactly went wrong between these two parties. Is this situation over yet? Find out here.

It doesn't look like it's going to be such a happy marriage after all. In a conversation between Westbrook's father and an administrative staff member at Iowa State, Westbrook's father asked for his son's release from Iowa State.


"The dad would feel more comfortable if his son were able to have the release. I talked to the father last night probably around 10:30. The dad said that he had put a phone call into one of the athletic directors; I don't know who the person was. He was going to talk to the athletic director today and once he did that he was going to get a release for his son," said Westbrook's prep school coach Mike Byrnes.


It's not that simple though. In today's world of college basketball, Iowa State doesn't have to give Westbrook his release. According to Byrnes, the release still isn't official at this point in time.


"I also told the dad to please call me and leave me a message to let me know that you have talked to the athletic director. Once he did talk to the athletic director, I would then call the parties that need to be called, meaning the internet sites so that college coaches know that Lawrence is now back on the board again and that people can recruit him."


The call still hasn't come.


"I have not talked to the dad today. I asked the dad to call me today. I wanted him to tell me when everything was clear as far as both parties go," said Byrnes.


So why wouldn't Iowa State want a player who averaged 40 PPG his junior season in high school. There are a couple of reasons. According to Byrnes, Iowa State thinks that they can get somebody better. Add that to the fact that nobody on Iowa State's new coaching staff has ever seen Westbrook play in person, it makes for a sticky situation.


"The staff wanted to come in next Wednesday to watch Lawrence play. The biggest concern for the staff was that nobody on the staff had ever seen Lawrence play. They brought in some other recruits, JUCO kids over the last couple of days who they felt were better than Lawrence. They wanted to watch him on Wednesday to see where they thought he could fit in with the other guys that they were involved with," said Byrnes.


In defense of his son, Westbrook's father began asking the Iowa State coaching staff questions.


"The dad continued to ask the question, where does my son fit in? They would say that they were very interested but they couldn't be 100% committed because nobody had seen Lawrence play," said Byrnes.


According to Byrnes, the staff is still planning on making the trip to the northeast to watch Westbrook play next Wednesday. How the Westbrook family will respond is now the question.


"In theory they are going to come in on Wednesday. Obviously the Westbrook's are not happy. They don't like this turn of events," said Byrnes.


So what happens now if Iowa State travels to see Westbrook, likes him and decides that they want him?


"The dad said that you are more than welcome to come and see my son play but I find it hard to believe that he would want to go back to Iowa State with how everything has gone over the last 8 to 10 days," said Byrnes.


This situation is not over. The release is still yet to be seen by the Westbrook's and Greg McDermott's staff is still planning on seeing Westbrook on Wednesday. Now, what are the chances of Westbrook wearing a Cyclone uniform next season?


"I would seem to believe unless something changes dramatically in the next couple of days that the parties will be going in opposite directions," said Byrnes.


Nothing is official, but it's getting close.


"I haven't officially heard back from the dad. I have not heard 100% back from the dad that they have gotten that release but as far as I was lead to believe by both parties in the decision making process, he was going to get his release."


CN will keep you posted.

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