Iowa State Shows Interest in Fort Collins Duo

Fort Collins, Col. has produced a lot of talent in the past couple of years. The town has produced ISU safety Derrick Catlett along with's number one ranked player in 2004, Jeff Byers. Now up to seven players are possibly going to be division one recruits in 2007. Iowa State is showing significant early interest in two of them. Jeff Byer's younger brother, Dan Byers is one of them and he's set up an unofficial visit. Find out more here.

Iowa State is in on a potential gold mine in the city of Fort Collins, Col. As many as seven players might be possible division one recruits heading into next season but two of them are being recruited heavily early on by the Cyclone coaching staff.


One recruit is Dan Byers. Byers is a 6'0, 225 pound linebacker who is the brother of Jeff Byers,'s number one player in the nation in 2004. Jeff is currently playing at USC. Iowa State is showing a lot of attention to Dan early on in this recruiting season.  


"I'm going to take an unofficial out there. I'm going to visit and meet up with some of the coaches and I'll look at the facilities and the campus," said Byers.


Byers will be visiting the weekend of April 27-29 when he will also be attending the Drake Relays.


Iowa State assistant coach Tony Alford has been key in recruiting Byers and Byers is happy about that relationship so far.


"I really like the coaching staff. I've been talking directly with Coach Alford. I've really gotten to know him pretty well. He's a really fun guy that has a lot of enthusiasm."


One of Byers's former teammates and Iowa State sophomore TE Derrick Catlett is also from Fort Collins.


"He says great things about the program. They've really turned him into a great football player. He's got nothing but awesome things to say about it," said Byers.


Another thing that the Cyclones have going for them in the case of Byers is the fact that his family is originally from Dubuque, Iowa.


"My family is from Iowa so I follow the Cyclones. I'm an Iowa kid," said Byers. "I know that they had a pretty good season last year when the beat Iowa. I really think I'll see some great things from Iowa State in the future."


Byers's junior campaign was different to say the least. Coming off of an ankle injury in his sophomore season, Byers was moved from linebacker to nose guard for most of the season due to his lack of mobility coming off of the injury.


"I really liked how D-line gave me a chance to engage blockers. Playing linebacker I was used to shutting blockers but when you're on the D-line you can't get away from guys. You have to take them head on and it really allowed me to get more physical. It was a great learning experience to play through an injury and be able to contribute to my team that way," said Byers.


Iowa State is recruiting Byers at linebacker. Iowa, Colorado State, Kansas State, UCLA, Wyoming, TCU and Baylor have also shown significant interest in Byers early on. Though he hasn't scheduled any camps yet, he plans to attend many including Iowa State's.


Along with Byers, Iowa State is interested in a safety named Zach Donaldson that goes to Fort Collins.


"Me and Zach Donaldson have been in direct contact with the coaches. They've shown really high interest in both of us. There's definitely a realistic shot that we could both be there. We're both really interested in the program," said Byers.


In addition to Byers and Donaldson, five other soon to be seniors at Fort Collins are expected to get division one attention. ( Kyle Walker – TE, Matt Yemm – QB, Garrett Houts – S, Matt McDermott – CB, and Dan Tyler – OL)


Byers said that Iowa State and other schools do get discussed around the locker room.


"We all kind of discuss it and we know that Derrick went there and it's a really cool school. They're really going to great places. We're really fortunate to have a lot of talent on our team. We have a lot of really good football players who are just sort of beginning the process of recruiting."


In the end, Byers did say that his decision won't be based on where he friends are going to end up.


"Where I pick to go to school isn't going to directly related to where my friends want to go. If it turns out that way and we all find a school that fits us then that's something that would be really cool and really interesting," said Byers.




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