CN's Mid-Spring Report

Coach McCarney met with members of the media this morning and talked about his team's performance midway through the spring football season. Come read the latest information concerning the Iowa State football team right here in CN's Mid-Spring report.

Depth Chart Changes


There's been yet another mix up on the defensive line this spring. Shawn Moorehead has been moved to RUSH end while Kurtis Taylor is now listed as the starting END.


Adam Carper is listed as the number 2 in both the SLB and MLB positions backing up Tyrone McKenzie and Matt Robertson.


"McKenzie and Carper have a good battle going on right now. Carper is number two at SLB and MLB, we're working him at both positions. He's got his hands full beating out McKenzie right now," said McCarney.


Injury Report


Jon Davis tore his Achilles tendon last week in practice and has already undergone surgery. The good news is that the team doctors are saying that a return for next fall is likely and Davis should be ready to go against Toledo.


"It was one of the most freak injuries that I've ever seen in person or on tape. He just made a cut, nobody even touched him and Achilles snapped," said McCarney. "I'm anticipating that he'll be back. Every one of these surgeries are different but the guys who do our surgeries have had great results."


Jason Scales has been bothered by his knee all spring long. McCarney said that he is concerned that it could linger on throughout the season, however the doctors are saying that this is completely normal after the surgery that Scales had last season. Scales scrimmaged some on Saturday and has taken some contact but has not been going all out this spring.


"I'm really concerned that it could continue to linger. Based on what the doctors and the trainers tell me it's not unusual coming off of that kind of surgery," said McCarney. "I'm not a doctor, I'm a coach. I just got on the doctors recommendations. I only coach the guys that can practice."


"He's frustrated like we all are. He'd like to be out there and he wants to play," said McCarney.


Who's Impressing the Coach?


McCarney specifically mentioned how the following players are having great springs:

James Smith, Tyrone McKenzie, Alvin Bowen, Kurtis Taylor, Chris Singleton, Kyle Van Winkle, Tom Schmelling, Ryan Kock and Euseph Messiah.


He specifically pointed out how good Tyrone McKenzie looked yet again.


"It looks like we're two for two on Big Ten transfers. (the other being Scott Stephenson who transferred from Minnesota) It looks like Tyrone McKenzie has a really good chance to be a great player over the next three years coming from Michigan State," said McCarney.



The Defensive Line


McCarney said that though they have looked good, the line still has a long ways to go. He said the Stephon Dale has been good but doesn't have his spot locked up by any means. McCarney then pointed out that Scott Stephenson's absence might be a good thing in this situation because it would be an incredible mismatch putting Dale up against the All-Big 12 center.


"In all honesty, one of the best things for him probably is that Stephenson's been hurt. It would probably be a physical mismatch. He's doing some good things in there. It's not that he's easy to play against, he's getting better. We want this kid to build some confidence too as he breaks into this number one position. The job is wide open and we're trying to find out who our next best guy will be."


McCarney then commented that Bryce Braaksma will definitely content to see a lot of playing time at NG.


"Curvey is playing like an all-conference guy every time out. Moorehead is playing really well. Taylor and Ferguson have got to continue their improvement. Stephon Dale just needs every practice and scrimmage that he can get."


Running Backs


With the Jason Scale's lingering knee injury, Jason Harris has jumped to number 2 on the depth chart. McCarney mentioned that Harris has only had one fumble all spring but he then said that the one is one too many. McCarney then said that speed wise, Harris is one of the top five fastest players on the team.


McCarney did say that the team has four running backs coming in this fall but not all four are academically eligible so far. He said that he wouldn't be surprised if one and maybe two of them played to give the team depth at the position.


Backup Quarterback – Van Winkle Looking Great


McCarney said that Van Winkle is much improved from last season in every phase of the game. His mechanics are better and he's throwing the ball with a lot more accuracy and authority. He said that Van Winkle has earned the trust of the coaching staff to win on game day.


"Van Winkle is playing better than ever. He's so much better right now than he has been at any time in his career," said McCarney.


Then Austen Arnaud was brought up. McCarney said that he would like to have Arnaud red-shirt but then later said that no matter what he would put his best players on the field.


Long Snapper


With the absence of Landon Schrage, the long snapping position is now a question mark with this football team. Right now Brian Perry, a 6'3, 225 pound sophomore is doing the duties but Matt Purvis is expected to come in and take over the duties this fall. Purvis is the first long snapper in McCarney's tenure to come right in and get a scholarship at that position. McCarney said that at a kicking camp in Las Vegas, numerous football people said that Purvis was the best snapper in attendance.


The Kicking Game


McCarney said that Bret Culbertson is not a lock at number one but he's been the most consistent kicker so far. Chris Mahoski has looked good but Culbertson has been very consistent.


The Spring Game


It will be the 1's and 4's versus the 2's and the 3's. The teams will be coached by Shawn Sims and Brian Schneider, the two newest additions to the coaching staff.










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