CN Q&A With Bret Meyer

CN has a Q&A with Bret Meyer.

What do you do to help mold the guys underneath you on the depth-chart?


Meyer: I just try to help them out. Van Winkle is solid and he will be our back-up. I think he's gotten so much better. I see him probably on the same plane as me as far as knowing the offense and making plays. With Van Winkle-- if I wasn't able to play-- I don't think we'd miss too much. Maybe he's not as mobile as I am, but as far as throwing the ball he's got a stronger arm than I do. Nothing is going to be a drop-off if he has to play.


As far as Brice goes, I think it's kind of like me right when I came in. I kind of struggled with throwing the ball at first with all of the changes. But you can already tell a big difference from last fall to where he is now. I'm just trying to help him out as much as I can. That's what I'm here to do.


With Austen Arnaud hanging around, do you think he can be a worthy replacement down the road?


Meyer: I think he can. Obviously, you never know until they get here and they are in practice. But he's got all the tools. And mentally-- I haven't seen him yet under fire but he obviously wants to work hard. He comes and watches practices and everything on his own time. I think he has the tools-- we'll just see if he will be able to use them.    


What do you do to keep yourself motivated and not get complacent?


Meyer: Coach Fitch makes it pretty easy to stay motivated. I don't have to work too hard to do that. I just know that I've been 7 and 5 as a starter and have a 14 and 10 record. And that's not very good. I don't see myself as a quarterback that has played for a great team yet. I want to be up there in that conversation.


What are your goals for the rest of the spring?


Meyer: Just keep getting better everyday. I've got some specific goals, but overall just don't turn the ball over ever, and know when you walk on the field you get better everyday.


With all the guys behind you this spring, does the competition help you improve?


Meyer: It definitely does. With Kyle pushing me mainly, it definitely makes me. Seeing how hard he wants to play since this is his last go round. I definitely don't take it for granted and I keep working.  

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