Q&A With Shawn Moorehead

CN had the opprotunity to sit down with one of the leaders of the Iowa State defense this week. In this free piece, Shawn Moorehead talks about everything from the youngsters on the defensive line to his personal expectations heading into his senior season.

Williams: How do you think that the younger guys are progressing so far this spring?


Shawn Moorehead: We've got a lot of guys who don't have much experience and some not at all. They are all coming out everyday and they're getting better. They're bringing a lot of effort which is key. As far as technique and getting the defense down, that will come as long as we come to work every day. That's what we need.


Williams: How has your role changed this year?


Moorehead: Before there have always been a lot of older seniors on the defense that played. They had been there before and they took charge. They led the defense and now it's my turn. I'm trying to follow what they did when I was a younger guy. I'm trying to motivate and bring the younger guys along now.


Williams: A lot of people are voicing their concern about the defensive line this year, does that fire you up a little bit?


Moorehead: Oh yeah. With only myself and Curvey coming back, especially those other guys who are going to have to step in at those positions, they don't want to come in and be a drop off after last year and I don't think that they will be. We've got good players in the program who have worked on scout team or with the 2's and 3's last year who are ready to step up.


Williams: So Cyclone fans can expect to see a solid defensive line this fall?


Moorehead: Yeah, I think that the defensive line is going to be the strength of the defense.


Williams: How's Stephon Dale looking so far?


Moorehead: He's having a good spring. He's another guy who has only been here a year. He's learning our defense. He's learning how to play in the middle. He's got a great guy to look at in Brent Curvey. I think he's really coming along nicely.


Williams: Do you have any specific goals for yourself going into next season?


Moorehead: I just want to win. Whatever it takes to win, that's what I want to do.

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