McKenzie Reacts to His First Trice Experience

One of the biggest stories of spring football was the emergence of Tyrone McKenzie, the transfered linebacker from Michigan State. McKenzie left his mark on Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Check out what the future Cyclone star had to say about the game in this CN Q&A.

How did you think the game went today with all of the new guys on defense?


McKenzie: I think it went pretty well. We started off a little slow. The defensive line got some pressure on the quarterback. Overall I think that we did a good job. We'll make strides this summer and get ready for this season.


Do you think that the defense is starting to form some cohesion?


McKenzie: Yeah we really started to get that last Saturday. Everybody got together and we started playing together. We're really starting to get a feel for each other. Everyone is starting to be accountable for themselves. We're going to get this thing rolling.


Do you feel like you really fit in on this team now?


McKenzie: I feel like I really do fit in on this team. Coach Skladany is a great coach. If you make a mistake out there, he'll coach you up and get it corrected. He'll make sure that it doesn't happen again. I feel really good on this defense.


What was it like to finally be out on Jack Trice Stadium in front of a crowd?


McKenzie: It was amazing. It really was amazing to get a chance to go out there and play with a uniform on. Last year I was just sitting around wishing that I had a uniform on. I had a chance to put it on and now it's time to do something about it.


How do you feel about the linebackers as a whole right now?


McKenzie: I feel really good with Adam Carper on my right and Alvin Bowen on my left. I feel really good about it. I feel like our linebackers are faster and stronger. We're playmakers all together. Everyone can make a play and that's what we're going to go out there and do, make plays.


Do you feel like defensively this team made progress this spring?


McKenzie: Defensively, overall we all made progress. Everybody on defense made big strides to get ready for this season. This summer we have to continue to get faster and get stronger. Then we'll get ready for the season.


How is the chemistry with the defense?


McKenzie: As you saw last year, chemistry was a big thing. We're starting to get ours and it's finally coming around. We're getting our chemistry going and everybody is starting to play together. As you saw in the second half, everybody is starting to make some big plays. We had four turnovers I think. Our chemistry is starting to come around and that's a big thing for us. We're starting to get rolling.

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