Q&A With Ryan Kock

CN's interview with Ryan Kock.

What do you think about the defense?


Kock: The defense looks fast. I think it's a fast defense. They play sideline to sideline and they compete every day I'll tell you that, they're good. They have a chance to be really good.


Is this team going to have to score 35 or 40 points to win games?


Kock: I don't think so. I think we're going to be a balanced team. We're young in a few spots but you're always going to have that. We'll have to develop some depth and go into the summer and work hard.


What did you think about the offensive line?


Kock: We had a couple of offensive linemen out but you bring in the reserves and they're doing a great job. They've been taking over in practice and if this happens in the season then they have to do the same thing.


Is that a good thing that everybody knows what everybody else is doing?


Kock: Oh yeah, you're just a little more relaxed I think. As you can see everybody has had a lot of Big 12 experience. It makes you relax a little bit more.


Do you guys have any goals?


Kock: You go into every year with certain goals. We just need to come out and win the opener. That's our first goal. We need to work hard in the off-season. That's number one right now.


Do any guys really stick out to you to be the vocal leaders of the offense? Would you consider yourself one?


Kock: I don't know. I suppose that's what other people would say. Austin Flynn is a great leader. Bret Meyer is a great leader, we've got so many. Brandt, Stephenson, Zehr, Blythe, you've got so many people who have played so many snaps. It seems like everybody is a leader right now.


In the past few seasons, this offense has taken a few games to develop and really hit their high note; do you anticipate that happening again this season?


Kock:  You never know. It's a new season. We're going to come out and play. It just depends how everything turns out I guess, hopefully not.


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