Highlights From Saturday - Bernstine Shines

On Saturday, Scout.com held a combine in Iowa City and 185 of the Midwest's best prospects were there. Lincoln High's Jordan Bernstine had a huge day as he ran a blazing fast 40. Bernstine was great but how were the rest of the top recriuts on ISU's radar look? Find out who stuck out on Saturday and get all of your details here in this exclusive CN feature.

Before Saturday, I didn't know that a beautiful day in Iowa City was possible. I learned that it was. The CN staff (Brent and I) walked into the Iowa Football offices around 9 a.m. with Hawkeye Nation's Jon Miller and numerous folk hanging around the facilities and you would never believe the flack that I took for the two Cyclone notebooks I had in my hands. Don't worry though Cyclone Nation, do you actually think that stand up guys like Blum and I just took that garbage? I don't think so. It was all in good fun and it was a great time meeting all of the guys who I've gotten to know so well over e-mail.


After all of the players checked in, it was then time to go out to the practice field and get working. I must say, it was something seeing 185 incredible athletes doing physical tests that could possibly impact the rest of their lives. Take Humboldts, Cody Hundertmark for example, the offensive linemen went out and ran a 4.78 40. He instantly went from being a solid prospect who the Clones would look at in camp, to a kid who had an offer at the end of the day.


These combines do mean something. Players don't normally kill their status in these things, but combines are always a great opportunity for a kid with a small name to perform well and all of the sudden be a top prospect.


CN had a chance to talk to quite a few guys on Saturday and we were able to get a good grasp on their feelings on the Clones, and more importantly we got to know these guys personally. The following are notes taken by myself at the combine.


It's often hard to judge the work that offensive linemen do. For your comparative purposes while reading about the linemen, note that current All-Big 12 Cyclone center Scott Stephenson runs a 4.9 40. That's rock solid for an offensive lineman in the Big 12. .


Jordan Bernstine Steals the Show


Jordan Bernstine is a tough nut to crack. Dan McCarney is notorious for offering Iowa kids early. That wasn't the case with Bernstine, who is arguably one of the top prospects to come out of the state in some time. The standout athlete from Lincoln High had offers from Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Kansas before the Cyclones jumped into the mix on March 27. Bernstine now has an offer from Purdue and he told CN on Saturday that UCLA has jumped into the mix with a verbal offer over the phone.


Bernstine's performance on Saturday solidified one thing; the offers will keep pouring in. Now, Bernstine is not only a top prospect in the Midwest, but is a threat to be a top recruit nationally.


Bernstine impressed everyone in attendance when he ran a smoking 4.43 40 that was not wind aided. He topped that off with top times in other agility drills and a solid showing in the one on one portion of the combine.


In one on one drills however, Bernstine was beaten numerous times by wide receivers at the combine. Bernstine showed that he is an extremely physical defensive back, but needs to work on his coverage technique before he plays division one football.


All in all, Bernstine was the talk of the combine and had to walk away knowing that more offers are on the way.


Expect the Michigan Wolverines to be jumping into the mix. CN had a talk with a little birdie and an offer could be coming very soon. Also I would be shocked if he doesn't have an offer from Iowa by the end of the week.


Sandeman – As Good as Advertised


Bettendorf's golden boy wide receiver Colin Sandeman is not all hype. The kid can flat out play. Sandeman was by far the top receiver in attendance on Saturday and he showed that in the one on one drills when he went the entire session without a drop.


Sandeman ran a 4.59 40 which was one of the quickest on the day, but the most impressive thing about him was the solid, crisp routes that he runs. Sandeman truly looked like a kid that could start for a Big 12 team next year. That's some premature analysis, but Sandeman has the skills to be a big time player.


The only disappointment of the day with Bernstine and Sandeman was the fact that they didn't go head to head on the drills. That would have been a sexy combination to watch but the two prospects were on opposite sides of the field.


Sandeman told CN that Wyoming has jumped into the mix with an offer, but don't look for Sandeman to end up a Cowboy. He, like Bernstine improved his stock on Saturday and will get more big time offers.


Phillip Bates – Commitment Number One for the Clones


Phillip Bates is Iowa State's first commitment in the class of 07 and he's a great snag for Dan McCarney. Bates also had an offer from Nebraska, where his father played college ball so Iowa State picking up the early commitment was a bit of an upset. Bates looked sharp throwing the ball on Saturday. He's built like a rock and he has huge feet to grow into. He was by far, one of the top quarterbacks in the field.


Cody Hundertmark – Stock Rising


Hundertmark definitely won the award of being the athlete who gained the most on Saturday. Hundertmark had the chore of running one of the first 40's of the day. He came out of the box and ran a 4.78 into a stiff wind at the time. Not bad for a 6'4, 265 pound defensive lineman. Lucky for him, five Iowa State coaches were in attendance and Hundertmark got his first offer shortly after the combine. Hundertmark showed that not only is he big and tough, but he's quick.


Alex Sandvig – Looks Like Big Bro


Sandvig, the younger brother of Zac Sandvig had a solid showing on Saturday. The Valley Tiger ran a solid 4.64 40 but looked especially impressive in the one on ones. Right now he's definitely lacking size, but so is his brother. Like his brother, he's an incredible athlete who you can put at numerous positions on the field.


Caleb Walters – Bittersweet


CN was drooling over the QB out of West Branch all day. He showed that he had one of the better arms at the combine and his accuracy was superb. Walter ran a disappointing 5.07 40 but he told CN that he was sore from his high school track meet the night before. With the signing of Bates and Austin Arnaud the year before, you have to wonder if another scholarship will go out to a QB. If so, Walters is the man.


Be sure to check out CN for the next week for interviews with players and photos from the event. CN would like to give a special thanks to Jon and Jason Miller of HawkeyeNation.com for working with us on Saturday. It was truly a great event for the state of Iowa and the great sport of college football. Also, a big thanks goes out to all of the good folks like Josh Clark and Chris Pool at Scout.com for making an event like this possible in Iowa.






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