Bates - Excited to be a Cyclone

Phillp Bates is the first member of Dan McCarney's 2007 recruiting class. Bates commited on his way home from's combine in Iowa City on Saturday and it made McCarney's night. Get all of the details here in this CN feature with Phillip Bates.

Phillip Bates is the first member of the 2007 Iowa State recruiting class and luckily for the Cyclones, he's a good one.


Bates was on his way home to Omaha, NE after the combine in Iowa City, IA last Saturday when it hit his parents and him that he belonged in Ames. Bates knew during the car ride that he wanted to be a Cyclone.


"We were coming home from the combine and we were heading out to eat. My parents and I were talking about it and I decided that I wanted to commit to Iowa State right before we headed out to eat," said Bates.


Bates didn't wait until he got home to Omaha. He picked up his cell phone in the car and called Iowa State Coach Dan McCarney to tell him the news.


"He was excited. He said that he was getting ready to go out to eat himself and that it made his night. He was very happy," said Bates.


There were numerous factors that played roles in the quarterback's decision but the number one factor was that he felt like he was at home at Iowa State. Bates also has a relationship with Stevie Hicks, who is also from Omaha.


In addition to his relationship with Hicks, his father went to high school with Barney Cotton.


In past interviews with CN, Bates had been vocal about his feelings about Cyclone QB Bret Meyer.


"I like Bret Meyer's game a lot. He's a quarterback that I consider a role model," Bates said in a past interview.


"The way he carries himself and the way that he plays the game impresses me. He's always improving. He knows everything about his team and what everybody is doing," said Bates said on Monday.


Bates was one of the top QB's in attendance at Iowa City's combine and he wasn't even at 100%.


"I had a hip pointer. I ran a 4.5 40 and I hurt myself at the 30 yard mark. I wanted to run faster, like a 4.3 or 4.4," said Bates.


Bates also had an offer from Nebraska, but questions had been raised if he would play QB for the Cornhuskers. There's no doubt that he will play QB at ISU and that impacted his decision greatly.


"I'm very excited. I can't wait to start working with Coach (Todd) Fitch. I'm glad that I'm going to be a part of Cyclone Nation," said Bates.

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