The Recruitment of Corey McIntosh

Greg McDermott picked up a huge commitment today when he landed Corey McIntosh out of Fullerton College in California. The story of McIntosh's recruitment is an interesting one. Numerous schools jumped in and out when it came down to signing this stand out JUCO PG. So how exactly did Iowa State land this caliber of player this late in the game? Get all of the details in this CN feature on the recruitment of Corey McIntosh.

Iowa State's newest basketball commit, Corey McIntosh, is giddy about becoming a Cyclone, for more than one reason. He's happy with his decision to go to Iowa State, but more than that, he's excited for this long and in his case weird, recruiting process to finally be over.


"His recruitment has really been kind of a weird deal. He obviously had a ridiculously phenomenal season. His recruitment was weird because there were all of the Big Ten teams who were involved with him," said Dieter Horton, head basketball coach at Fullerton College in California.


Purdue and Penn State were the first Big 10 schools to show a lot of significant interest in McIntosh. In fact, McIntosh turned down up to 25 schools because he really felt that Penn State was where he was going to end up.


"Penn State was really in the lead and to make a long story short, they had a scholarship but because of a lawsuit on their campus, Penn State kind of backed off at the last second and couldn't offer the kid," Horton said.


The question of why is automatically raised. According to Horton, the problem had nothing to do with the status of McIntosh.


"It had nothing to do with the kid; it was just something with their AD. Everybody, including all of the scouts in the area thought that the kid was going to be at Penn State," Horton said.


If it weren't for the Penn State situation, it's likely that McIntosh would have received even more offers from other big time schools across the country.


"A lot of people just stopped recruiting the kid. He had already told so many schools in the Mountain West, Conference USA, the WAC that he wasn't interested. He had already told 25 schools no. When his list all of the sudden blew up and the Penn State thing fell through, all of the sudden he kind of opened everything back up," Horton said.


When McIntosh re-opened his recruitment, the ACC schools came calling on the point guard.


"At one point we thought it was Virginia, Clemson, Miami and the kid just kind of set on those schools," Horton said.


During this period, McIntosh took official visits to New Mexico and South Carolina and had originally wanted to visit Clemson on Thursday.


"He had a visit scheduled for this Thursday to Clemson, and then last week, mutually both sides just kind of walked away. It was a mutual deal," Horton said.


Why did that happen? Was it that Iowa State was all of the sudden interested in him? Iowa State was in the right place at the right time.


"A friend of mine talked to T.J. (Otzelberger). They called me and said that they needed a point guard. T.J. had seen Corey about four times. He thought that they kid was going to Penn State. He didn't think anything of it. When he heard that he wasn't going to Penn State he called me up and asked if he was available. I said ‘yeah he's available," Horton said.


It didn't take long for McDermott and Otzelberger to jump on the situation.


"I told them that if they wanted to get the kid then this is what I would do. They had him on a plane within 72 hours," said Dieter Horton, head basketball coach at Fullerton College. "They just basically bulldogged the kid. It was exactly what Corey was looking for. It was exactly what Corey wanted."


The long road for McIntosh has finally come to an end and both parties are extremely pleased with how this turned out. Iowa State got one of the bigger recruiting steals in the country this season, and McIntosh is excited to play basketball in the Big 12.


Does this story spell out the word fate to anybody else?


Check out CN on Thursday for a feature breaking down McIntosh and the style of play that he'll bring with him to ISU.


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