Ross Marsden Talks About Thompson Transfer

Ross Marsden met with reporters on Thursday to talk about his former Ames High teammate, Alex Thompson's transfer to ISU.

What are your thoughts on your former teammate coming in?


Marsden: It should be pretty good for the Cyclones. Alex is a great teammate and he's very unselfish. I think it's a great pickup for us.


He said that you guys haven't talked very much. Do you plan on talking to him about this decision?


Marsden: I haven't talked to him recently. We were good teammate and good friends. I'm looking forward to continuing that relationship with him when he comes here.


A lot of people weren't happy with how he performed at Iowa. What do you expect from him when he comes here in his last two year? Do you think he can be a valuable piece of this program?


Marsden: I'm sure that he can. He's very talented. He's unselfish and I think he'll fit in great with the style of players that we have coming in. He should be a really good fit.


Did you ever get to watch him play on TV when he was at Iowa?


Marsden: I watched him on TV occasionally.


Do you think he looked as confident as he did in high school?


Marsden: From what I saw, I thought he looked fine. I thought he did a good job at Iowa and he'll do a good job here too.


What do you think about having a couple of Ames kids on this team for the next few years?


Marsden: It just shows that there's talent here in the state.


Greg McDermott is known for working with big men, are you excited to finally get to play for a coach like that?


Marsden: I'm really excited. Like you said, Coach McDermott is great with big guys. I'm looking forward to him developing me into a good player that can compete in this league.


During workouts, have you seen a different style about the way he coaches?


Marsden: Yeah he's given us a lot of attention during individual workouts. So far it's going pretty well.

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