McIntosh: Multi-Threat Guard to ISU

Earlier this week, Greg McDermott picked up a JUCO point guard out of Fullerton College in California named Corey McIntosh. McIntosh was the California JUCO Player of the Year, he was the conference MVP and he led his team to a championship. However, it's not always his skills on the court that make him stand out. Get all of the details here in this CN feature on Corey McIntosh.

Corey McIntosh has quite a few feathers in his rather large cap. Last year, he was the State of California's JUCO Player of the Year. He was the Orange Empire Conference MVP and he was the tournament MVP in two of the four tournaments that his team, Fullerton College, played in. As a PG, McIntosh averaged 14.5 PPG and shot 49% from the field. He's a 46% 3-point shooter and he also averages five APG. That's a pretty impressive resume but that's not what stands out about the JUCO G who will be signing to play for Greg McDermott at Iowa State.


According to Coach Horton, two words best describe McIntosh. Those words are character and defense.




"He is one of the greatest kids I've ever coached. He's probably the best kid that I've ever come across in coaching college basketball in 13 years," said Dieter Horton, McIntosh's JUCO coach.


McIntosh didn't only stand out to Horton during the past two years. His character made a huge impact on Iowa State coach Greg McDermott during his visit.


"I've never seen a kid with the character and the quality of this kid. That's one thing that Greg noticed immediately when this kid was on his trip. He said is this kid for real? He couldn't believe that this kid is actually for real, as far as personality wise," said McIntosh.




Defense is something Iowa State fans didn't see much of last year, especially on the perimeter. Luckily for the Cyclones, McIntosh has been coached under a defense first philosophy over the past few seasons, and he's adapted to the mentality quite well. 


"We had a rule this year that if you got beat on the ball then you automatically got subbed out of the game. That was one of our rules. Our kids got tired of getting subbed out so they had no choice. Either they guarded the ball or I was yanking their butt out. That's the kid's mentality," Horton said.


Fullerton College has developed quite the reputation for being a defensive powerhouse in the junior college ranks. Even the "Shark," Jerry Tarkanian thinks so.


"Jerry Tarkanian told us that he thought we were one of the best defensive teams that he'd seen at any college level. That's a pretty good compliment," said Horton.


Horton's team really got a chance to show their skills in the state semi-finals against Fresno City Community College this season. Fresno City went into the game averaging 109 PPG, and was held to 62 points by a defense led by PG Corey McIntosh.


"In Fresno, in front of 6,000 of their fans, we held them to 62 points. We were the best defensive team that I've ever seen at this level," Horton said.


Fullerton College led their conference in the fewest points allowed in 2005 on their way to a championship and a 37-0 record. McIntosh was a gigantic part of that according to Horton. In fact, McIntosh even draws comparisons to the world famous, Energizer Bunny.


"Defensively this kid can guard like you wouldn't even believe. He can really guard the ball. Especially on the weak side off the ball, the kid guards it. It's Energizer Bunny type stuff. He gets after guarding the ball," Horton said.




So if McIntosh is so great, why has he waited this long to sign with a team? Why Iowa State. Coach Horton has a theory on why McIntosh hasn't gotten the attention that he feels his player deserves.


"California gets a little bit of a knock sometimes with these national JUCO's because everybody perceives these national JUCO's as big timers. If this kid was at a Midwest junior college, he would have ended up in a top 10 program. The kid is ridiculous. He's absolutely, positively, ridiculous," Horton said.


McIntosh could have played in just about any conference he wanted to in America, but with recruiting complications in numerous schools, the guard is going to end up in the Big 12.


"I know that you guys are in the Big 12, but you got a steal," Horton said.


A Winners Mentality


One characteristic that every fan wants on their team is the mentality to win. McIntosh has that.


"This is crazy. Between our spring, summer and fall, we play a lot of games. I think that under this kid, we have won something like 70 games in a row. He doesn't even know what a loss is. That's the kid's mentality," Horton said.


The thing that's so scary about this prospect is that he can beat you in so many phases of the game.


"He can shoot the heck out of the three. He can flash and explode by people," Horton said.


McIntosh shot 49% from the field last season and his coach credits his superb shot selection for that statistic.


"We didn't shoot a lot of threes. We taught these kids how to take really good shots. We didn't take a bad shot all year long. The kid knows how to take a good shot," Horton said. "The kid took a three at the right time. That's why his percentages were so high."


Looking Ahead to ISU


So why is the combination of McIntosh and ISU so appealing to both sides? Leadership was a huge factor for Greg McDermott bringing McIntosh into his program.


"Really what happened was that Greg understood that this kid is a leader and that this kid is of the character that you just don't find. You come across a kid like this every 10 years," Horton said.


In his two years as the starting PG for Fullerton, the schools record was 61-4.


"The kid is phenomenal. You can't find that anywhere. He's a leader."


Horton said that McIntosh is going to attack ISU just like he would any other school that he's played for.


"Corey's looking at it like this. I'm going to come in here and I don't give a crap. He knows that he's a winner. The kid hasn't lost a game in I don't even know how long."


If Iowa State fans are looking for somebody to step up and take control on a youthful team next year, they just might have found their guy with McIntosh.


"The more responsibility and the more pressure that this kid has, the better he is," Horton said.


Let's hope that he's right.




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