Track and Field Q&A - Freshman Eric Parker

Hurdler Eric Parker was the third leg in the title winning shuttle hurdle relay at the 2006 Drake Relays.

 Hurdler Eric Parker is a freshman on the Iowa State men's track and field team. As a senior in high school at Northwood-Kensett, Parker was the 400-meter hurdle state champion. Earlier in the season as a Cyclone, Parker embraced his first win at Iowa State in the 110-meter hurdles. Recently Parker was the third leg of the title winning shuttle hurdle relay at the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa.

What did you do to prepare for the Drake Relays?

"Earlier in the year I'd been doing more 400-hurdle workouts and that week I told coach that I needed to do a 110-hurdle work out. The week before at Iowa my form felt a little sloppy so I got that good workout in."

What were your expectations going into the shuttle hurdle relay?

"We felt we could win it. We knew there were good teams in there and we knew we were going to have to run are bests, each and every one of us to hold off the other teams. We felt we had a very good chance at winning."

What sets this win apart from any of your high school success?

"The fact that it's Division I and all of the history with Drake. It just has that extra feeling behind it, that extra momentum and tradition."

What was the best part about winning the shuttle hurdle relay?

"Probably taking the victory lap. I saw a lot of people from my hometown down there and it really meant a lot to see all of them down there."

Did you expect to have this kind of success so early in your career?

"No, I never thought I would be winning anything until my junior or senior years. The guys that were on that team definitely helped me accomplish one of the greatest accomplishments in track."

How much did your relay team mean to your success?

"There's no way I would be here talking about this unless it had been for them. They're three of the best guys that I've ever run with. It was really nice to be able to do something like this with them."

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