Hawks Offer - Cyclones Still in the Game

Iowa State was the first team to offer Tyler Sash many months ago. This weekend, Iowa jumped in the mix. Now, with two in-state offers, Sash tells CN that he's looking to make a decision before his senior season. Who has the early edge in this in-state recruiting battle? Find out here in this FREE CN recruiting update on Tyler Sash.

Tyler Sash has been sitting on his lone Iowa State offer for quite some time now. He's not anymore. This weekend, the Oskaloosa athlete was offered by Iowa on his way home from the high school state track meet.


With the Hawkeye's gaining the early commitments of Colin Sandeman, Cody Hundertmark and Tyler Nielsen, Sash along with Jordan Bernstine are the best of the best left in the state of Iowa.


Speculation around the state has surfaced saying that Sash was "waiting" on an offer from Iowa. According to Sash, that's not true.


"No I still like Iowa State a lot. I'm going to go to camp at Iowa and at Iowa State. By the end of the summer, before the season starts I will most likely make my decision," Sash told CN on Sunday.


Sash admitted to being a Hawkeye fan while growing up, but he also said that who he rooted for as a child would not affect the big decision he will be making in the near future.  


"I'd say it's 50-50. When I look at a school, I don't want to go to a school and practice for three years and play for one. I want to look at playing time, position, and education. There are going to be a number of factors," Sash said. "The Cyclones play some of the best teams in the nation in Texas and Oklahoma. Also, Iowa plays Ohio State and Michigan. They are neck and neck."


Like most young boys in the state of Iowa, Sash grew up dreaming about playing division one sports in the state of Iowa. His dream is likely to come true, just not with the sport that he had imagined.


"I always had dreams about it. First of all, I always wanted to play basketball at Iowa or Iowa State, one of the two. I just wanted to be a division one athlete. I guess that's starting to become a reality now," Sash said.


Now that he has offers from both in-state schools, Sash told CN that playing elsewhere won't be a factor. At least he doesn't think so at this point.


"I'll most likely play in-state. I don't think anything else will open up but I'll most likely stay in state," Sash said.


So what does Iowa State have going for them in the recruitment of Sash? Iowa State's coaching staff is a big plus for Sash, and Chris Ash, Sash's primary recruiter is doing well so far.


"I like the Cyclones obviously. They were the first school that offered me. I like their coaching staff. They are really down to earth people. They are really easy to talk to. They are honest with you," Sash said.


Sash is likely to make a decision before his senior season starts to take pressure off of him during his final season at Oskaloosa.


"I just want to get it over with and know were I'm going so I can have fun playing high school football," said Sash. "I just want to be a kid and play high school football just like everybody else. I don't want to have to worry about playing bad in one game and getting a dropped scholarship or anything like that."


As a junior, Sash was named first team All-State by the Des Moines Register and the Iowa Newspaper Association. He caught 49 passes for 1,000 yards and had 12 touchdowns. He also rushed for 910 yards with 13 touchdowns.


When he gets to college, Sash said that he wants to get into coaching and hopefully be a grad assistant someday.


"I know that I want to be a football coach," said Sash.





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