Sash Talks Iowa Offer

Tyler Sash talks recruiting.

Oskloosa, Iowa wide receiver/safety Tyler Sash received some big news this past weekend while traveling home from the state track meet.

After finishing sixth in the 100 and 200, respectively, in Class 4A, the highest class in the state of Iowa, Sash received a call from University of Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz.

"It was totally out of the blue," Sash told

"It came as a big surprise to me. Coach Ferentz just talked about the track meet, a bit, and asked how I was doing."

What Sash realized after the call had been placed was that some foreshadowing had occurred earlier in the week from his conversation with Hawkeye assistant Reese Morgan, who recruits the state of Iowa.

"Coach Morgan told me Coach Ferentz would be calling, and that when did, I was suppose to ask him where I stand on their board. Coach Morgan is best friends with my head coach (Darrell Schumacher) as my coach was his defensive coordinator back in the 80's at Benton Community High School. Coach Morgan had told me earlier this spring that I was at the top of their board," Sash stated.

Now, fast forward back to the conversation being held by Sash and Kirk Ferentz, and Sash explained how the rest of the conversation went down.

"I asked Coach Ferentz where I stood on their board, and he told me was calling me to tell me that as he would like to offer me a scholarship," added Sash, who has personal bests of 10.81 and 22.19 in the 100 and 200, respectively. "I was very excited, and I told him, thank you. Coach Ferentz told me that after he watched my film a couple of times he knew I could play there, and he liked my speed and versatility to be able to play a couple different positions."

"Coach Morgan had told my coach two weeks ago that Coach Ferentz wanted to offer, and that I was his guy. Apparently, some of the other coaches wanted to see me in camp, but Coach Ferentz made the decision, himself, to go ahead and offer me a scholarship."

Sash had previously been offered by the Iowa State Cyclones, and now faces a critical decision this summer in choosing which in-state program he will attend.

"Kansas wants me to come to their camp, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to stay within the state," Sash said.

"I'm going to Iowa's camp on June 12th, and one day of Iowa State's camp that same week. Then, my family and I will will return to each campus for an unofficial visit to both."

Sash says he grew up wanting to be a Hawkeye, but has had a few more questions answered by the Cyclones, thus far.

"I know that I could play wide receiver, which I'd like to do, at Iowa State and probably see the field earlier. They've also given me the option of playing basketball, but realistically, Iowa State is the only school I would try to play both sports. I'm not even sure I'll do it at Iowa State, either, because my education is important to me and I'm not sure how hard playing both sports would make it on my academic life," Sash stated.

"I've always been a Hawkeye fan, and grew up dreaming of playing for them. I just have to go their camp to figure out what position they are going to recruit me to play, and see what my family thinks after each of the visits."

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