Will Cold Weather Keep Davis Away From Ames?

Iowa State is in on a speedy WR out of the state of Colorado named Drew Davis. However, Davis has been very vocal about how he'd like to play in warm weather. With all of that being said, Davis is still very interested in the Cyclones. Get all of the details here in this CN recruiting update on Drew Davis.

Iowa State's Tony Alford has recently has had a solid amount of success recruiting the state of Colorado. That trend looks like it might be growing with Drew Davis, a 6'2, 210 pound WR out of Montebello HS in Denver.


As of now Davis likes Iowa State, however, he says that he wants to play somewhere warm. Anybody who has been in Ames, Iowa in the middle of November knows that it is anything but that.


"Most likely the location of it is a big factor. Whether if it's in a warm climate, a cold climate, stuff like that," said Davis. "I'd like mostly warm weather because I'm a receiver. I don't want my hands getting cold and I don't want it to affect me catching the ball."


So Davis wants to play in warm weather. Is Iowa State out of the picture? What if a quality school comes along that happens to be in a cold climate?


"If a really good school from a cold weather climate offered me, I wouldn't have any problems going there. I'd just get my mindset right. I would just prefer to play in warm weather," Davis said.


From the looks of the way things are going so far early on in the recruiting season, Davis will have plenty of choices. As of now Davis has received offers from: Iowa State, Colorado, Kansas State, Arizona State, Arizona, Boise State, Washington, and Washington State.


With that many offers on the table, recruits often talk about how they feel a little bit of weight off of their shoulders heading into their senior campaigns. Surprisingly, Davis doesn't feel that way at all.


"Actually I feel like I have to work harder because in order to keep those scholarships you have to stay on track. I'm actually putting more of a burden on myself to stay in shape, to go out and catch balls every weekend, and just do the things that most people don't do when they get all of these offers," said Davis.


Iowa State has a lot going for them in the recruitment of Davis, the biggest being Coach Alford.


"Right now I talk a lot with Coach (Tony) Alford. When I went down there for camp last summer I really enjoyed the coaching staff. The head coach was pretty cool to me," said Davis.


Davis also talked about how he feels Iowa State is an up and coming program in the Big 12.

"They seem like a program that is on the winning track right now. That's something that I would look forward to getting into."


Most big time prospects spend their junior summers going to all sorts of camps and combines to improve their stock. Once again, Davis isn't going the conventional route.


"This summer I'm not planning to go anywhere. I'll be staying home here in Colorado but I'll be looking forward to taking a visit out there (Ames) when the season starts for an official visit," Davis said. "Right now it's just a toss up. I'm just seeing who is going to come in and who is interested. By the end of the summer I'll be able to tell what colleges that I'll really look into."


As a junior, Davis recorded 45 catches for 988 yards with 16 touchdowns. He also led the state averaging 22 yards per catch.


"As a team we did pretty well. We got knocked out of the first round of the playoffs," Davis said.


With that being said, Davis has high goals set for not only himself but his team during his senior year.


"I would rather have my team go higher than my individual goals because in your high school career, you want to look back on it and be able to say that you won a state championship," Davis said. "I would love to win a championship my senior year going out with all of my teammates I have grown up with since I was seven years old."


Davis said that his personal goal is to have over 50 catches with 1500 yards.


If Iowa State lands Davis, this is what they can expect to see.


"They can see me as a player who goes out and plays hard every game whether we're losing by 100 or winning by 100. I'll go lay out for any ball thrown to me. They can see just flat out effort from me. I'm a big play receiver who is going to go out there and make plays for you."


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