Straight Shots From Welch

So you want to know what's going on in the world of Cyclone Nation? CN's new publisher Chris Williams is here to give it to you. In Williams's first weekly column as publisher, he touches on everything from being named publisher, to the issues surrounding Cyclone athletics in the past week. Plus, it's FREE.

For the Cyclones, About the Cyclones, and Nothing but the Cyclones


Take a good look at the saying at the top of the page, you'll be seeing a lot of it here in the future at CN. As most of you know by now, I was named the publisher of just last week and the heading above is what I want this site to be described as from here on out no matter what the circumstance.


I represent the new generation of Cyclone fans, the Jamie Pollard generation. You see my friends; I don't remember watching our Clones losing 70 point games to Nebraska. I don't remember the 15 straight losses to the Hawks. That stuff is completely out of my system. I remember Heisman trophy candidates in Troy Davis and Seneca Wallace. . I remember winning bowl games. I remember an Elite Eight. I remember WINNING. It's that simple.


That's what CN is going to focus on under my leadership. The positives.


From now on, I will have access to all of the following:, Cyclone Nation the Magazine, Cy-Hawk Talk: State of the Nations on Mediacom, outlets on KXNO and WHO. I will be active in all of the above in the very near future and for a good time to come. I will be active, and I will be spreading the positive story of Iowa State athletics.  


These various media formats provide me access to literally hundreds of thousands of people to reach with the Cyclone story. 


If there is something to argue about, I'll argue it, but it will always be for the Cyclones, about the Cyclones, and nothing but the Cyclones. If it's not, I'm not doing my job. I'm not promoting Iowa State athletics.


Where I stand…


For being the start of June, message boards and radio shows have been as active as ever. Unfortunately, negativity has taken over.


Here's where I stand on the issue.


I have Steve Deace's back. I, unlike most out there, know Steve in a way much closer than a radio personality. He's a friend, an advisor and most importantly a mentor to me. He's taught me more in the past few months than I can ever describe, and I have his back.


I know Deace as an ordinary guy and I know his family. He is a good man, no matter what you read about him or think about his opinions.



The Future at CN


One thing that I've had to learn to deal with a lot in the past few months is criticism. It's amazing how much snipping there is out there by folks who call themselves Cyclones against those, like myself, who are doing nothing more than trying to promote the Cyclones.  I've even read some people claim I'm too young to be doing this.


That made me laugh and more importantly, it threw fuel onto a fire. Criticize me for my opinions, because that's what I'm paid to do. But if you don't know me, don't write me off because I'm 21 years old.


I'm full of energy and I'm full of passion. I get emotional when it comes to my Cyclones. So why would my age make me less credible? Wouldn't you want someone with energy and passion covering and promoting your team?


Going to a Big 12 basketball game is a big deal to me. I get excited to cover the Clones. I'm jacked up about OUR Cyclones.  Talk to any loyal CN subscriber. I'm confident that they are happy with the progress of this site, and I'm even more confident that it will be better in the future.


My goal as publisher is to provide content that truly thinks outside of the box and tells the Cyclone story I see every day on campus. Being on campus, Brent Blum and I have access to things and sources that no other media entity has. We will use them.


CN will utilize Brent Blum, who I feel is the best columnist in the state of Iowa today. If you want to argue that, then you obviously haven't read his work. Right now Blum is in the middle of doing a 10 year timeline highlighting Iowa State athletics, an idea that is truly outside of the box. You'll see much more of Brent in the future.


In an attempt to keep positive discussions on the message boards, CN will now feature a question of the day on the premium message board. It will be a question of my choice and subscribers can debate the question and have fun with it.  


As always, recruiting is an absolute must for CN to cover, but I want to bring so much more to the table. I want the coaches and players to tell the stories. CN already gives readers more interviews and commentary than any other place on the net, and that will continue throughout the summer months and into the fall.


Room for Improvement


Of course there are ways in which I can improve this website. My number one goal is to improve CN's coverage of basketball recruiting. I'm confident that will happen in the near future.


CN wants to give you all more game coverage. As always, you'll get post-game quotes, summaries and all of the goodies. But, along with that, you'll receive contributions from Blum and former Cyclones like Jack Whitver and Luke Vander Sanden, plus much, much, more.  


It's Simple


While negativity might be the talk of the town, it's absolutely not going to happen when I'm at CN. I won't take part in it, and neither will CN subscribers. There's a difference between discussing what could have been done different in a loss, and ripping on a Cyclone promoter because he likes Krispy Kremes (which are pretty good, I might add). That garbage will not happen at CN.


If that's what you're about, then CN probably isn't the place fore you. Our message board is a place for diehard Cyclones to discuss the Cyclones. Not badmouthing good people who are trying to promote the Cyclones. 


It's very very simple. If it's not for the Cyclones, about the Cyclones, and nothing but the Cyclones, it's not going to happen at CN.


If I'm worrying about anything other than the Cyclones, then I'm not doing my job.  And neither are you as citizens of Cyclone Nation, I might add. 


So sit back, relax and enjoy the positive perspective provided here at CN, because in the end we're all Cyclones and that's really all that matters.


Go Cyclones!


Straight Shots From Welch is a new weekly column by CN's publisher Chris Williams.


For the Cyclones.  About the Cyclones.  And nothing but the Cyclones. 




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