Where Does Gerard Stand?

With the majority of the top in-state prospects heading to Iowa in 2007, there are still plenty of solid prospects in the state of Iowa worthy of Iowa State's attention. Shawn Gerard is one of them, however it might be a tougher commit to gain then once expected for Iowa State.

Shawn Gerard has one offer on the table from Wyoming, but he has a gut feeling that both Iowa and Iowa State will soon be joining the Cowboys.


"I think that the in-state programs are really pushing hard. Obviously they want to see me in camp first. I think that I did really well at Iowa's camp. Hopefully by the end of the summer I might be able to get an offer from both of the in-states," Gerard said.


So if Iowa and Iowa State both offer, where will Gerard stand? Well unlike most in-state prospects, Gerard grew up in the state of Colorado so he was never really a fan of either school growing up.


"I was in Colorado growing up as a kid so it didn't really matter. I never really paid attention growing up, I just watched the NFL," Gerard said.


Gerard was happy about his performance this past weekend in Iowa City. Gerard will also attend Iowa State's camp in a few weeks.


"It went pretty well. I got a good chance to work out with Coach Wilson and Coach Parker. It was a lot of fun," Gerard said.


Gerard also said that he would love the opportunity to play with guys like Colin Sandeman, Cody Hundertmark, and Tyler Nielsen.


"I don't know if those guys going to Iowa will have any impact on my decision. It would be cool to join up with all of those guys and I could see myself playing with them," Gerard said.


It's not all bad news for Iowa State. Though he was in Iowa City last weekend, Gerard has also visited Iowa State in the past and has liked what he saw.


"I really like Iowa State's facilities. They just had a way of showing you that they really wanted you to be a part of their program. I really liked that a lot."


This summer Gerard is spending his time working on his game.


"I'm working out three days a week. I have passing league, basketball and camps. Basically I'm just working out all summer and lifting."


CN will keep you updated on the recruitment of Gerard.

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